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Hi There!!!
Welcome to my profile!!!
I'm part time student, part time employee and full time kid.
I can sew fabric, hot glue cardboard and paint armor.
I'm reserved at first but I will grow on you like cat on keyboard.

Next Convention Appearance: Katsucon 2015

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TLMFanGabriel says, "Well keep up the good work :D It's looking pretty spiffy so far! I've yet to see a Klein at a convention yet but from what I've seen in pictures they all do the SAO armor :o "
For Klein from Sword Art Online
Shiyuanj says, "yeah, I haven't seen anyone else make this version yet. I actually like his outfit, until I had to make him to realize how things were actually made. But I loved how it turned out. Now just have to make the sword."
For Klein from Sword Art Online
TLMFanGabriel says, "Crying T3T Finally someone did this version of him! "
For Klein from Sword Art Online