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Hmmm, what's to say, my names matt lewis but I pretty much go by Maguma now a days. I'm a college student aspiring to become a famous artist and Mangaka. I love to cosplay and meet new people, love making friends and just enjoying others company. I love to sing and dance and am an avid gamer. If you ever wanna hang out sometime at a con just come find me! always up for something new~

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zalora says, "This is so cool.... MEGA COOL"
For Swampert from Pokemon
Starwind824 says, "Damn son, that's hella rad!"
For Kinagase Tsumugu from Kill la Kill
Maguma says, "Thank you, aaaand thank you~"
For Kinagase Tsumugu from Kill la Kill
Dymatrex says, "Let me tell you two things: #1 - You're awesome. #2 - You're rocking that mohawk big time."
For Kinagase Tsumugu from Kill la Kill
The Jackal says, "Love it!"
For Ms. Fortune from Skullgirls