Selling Evil Queen costumes from OUAT

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Selling Evil Queen costumes from OUAT

Post by Vashda » Tue Mar 05, 2019 1:10 pm

I have three outfits of the evil queen from OUAT for sale. I have attached pictures.

The first is the iconic red riding coat and choker with pin. The coat is made of red and black velvet and lined in black. White lace is removable, held in with snaps. ImageThe size is about a 14. The costume was worn to DragonCon twice 2015 & 2016. (Hat is not included). $175.00

The second is the beaded black coat with the red skirt. Both about a 14 in size. The beading was hand done the fabric is black velvet and lined. The collar has boning in it. This outfit was worn once to DragonCon 2016. $275.00

The third is all black with black beading with gold trim and gold trim. It is also lined.
This outfit was worn once at DragonCon 2016. $250.00

Shipping is not included in pricing, that will be added later once your location has be confirmed.
If interested please contact me and I will send pictures.

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