Any Video Game themed Michigan cosplayers 21+ out there?

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Any Video Game themed Michigan cosplayers 21+ out there?

Post by [n]koto » Thu Jul 11, 2019 8:31 pm

☆•°☆•°☆•°☆YOOOO, greetings all! 🤗☺️

I'm...honestly not sure how much outreach this will get, but I thought I would try on this forum.

Are there any Michigan based (esp. east Michigan) cosplayers who are 21 years and older who are willing to, planning or currently cosplay as fighting game characters, video game based characters, alternative versions of said themes or even cyberpunk/cybergoth/cyberpop based characters (original designs, mascots, that sort of thing.)

Anime or not, I'm down for any alt aesthetic cosplay/costume. 🔮👽🤖🎀

I'm really looking to make some new cosplay friendos who may fall under these categories to do things from fun livestream/Discord meetups to random photoshoots to full on con/event experiences

(Also possibly help complete some of my cosplay duos/groups ideas?😶😁😄~)

Thanks for reading.
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