My Deathstroke costume Is it bad?

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My Deathstroke costume Is it bad?

Post by Dragon316 » Tue Sep 15, 2020 10:52 am

Sorry I am new here I don’t know any picture sharing site to post link what costume look like with it on me I wear T-shirt to keep me from getting hot I’m sensitive to over heating from my surgery it is my first cosplay I was going for my own look on character not heavy armor mix of arrow deathstroke, And deathstroke reborn combination look

Here are links to costume in pieces I put together Upper body

[ ... NrPXRydWU=

Mask I can’t put link to mask this site always renames company name Silver Thorn Dragon Queen Luquier Reverse

I have leg gun holster, prop sword , gloves,

Belt I have does not have fox logo on it ... ods&sr=1-2

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