Cyborg Skin Markings Help

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Cyborg Skin Markings Help

Post by JennaP » Thu Mar 28, 2019 11:15 am

So, the character I'm working on (this is a long term project and I don't need this finished right now) has cyborg stuff on her arms.
It's fairly minimal. Essentially what I need is a simple silver pattern on the back of my wrists.

Possibility 1: Draw on myself. If I do this I'll need some kind of stencil, as drawing on the back of one's own wrists is a challenge. Also, neither Jo-Ann's nor Michael's has silver body art paint except as part of an expensive palette that's Online Only. (Now, I'm in no hurry, but paying shipping isn't ideal).
Possibility 2: Temporary tattoos. Jo-Ann's has temporary tattoo paper...for use with an ink jet printer I don't have which won't make the right color. It seems like gel pens would work on it? And of course it would have to be redone every time.

Possibility 3: Fake tattoo sleeves. I wouldn't need a full sleeve. The real downside to this is that cheap drug store pantyhose does NOT come in my skin tone. Pantyhose that does is expensive. I have two pairs for another costume and I'm not sacrificing them to this.

Thoughts? If I could make permanent wristbands it would be ideal. I'm wondering if anyone has done anything like this with clear vinyl fabric...seems like it might be heavy.

Bearing in mind I'm Miss Can Barely Sew On Buttons does anyone have any good ideas for this one. Note I'll be wearing a flightsuit, so what's going on higher up my arms should be well hidden.

(I can't give reference pictures as the character is from a book).

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