Help with Huge Furry Tail

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Demonic Angel
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Help with Huge Furry Tail

Post by Demonic Angel » Fri Dec 14, 2018 12:12 pm


I am an long-time cosplayer (since 2006) and I've always have my costume commissioned or bought online. This time I want to try making my own by Katsucon in February. I would like to make a tail for my cosplay, Carrot from the Mink Tribe, Sulong version

I have no problem getting the wig (I'll get a big wig I think) and her clothes are fine. I am worried about the construction of her tail.
This will be my first time attempting it and I wanted to use yarn to make the tail. Please let me know if this approach is feasible.

As you can see here, many of the tutorials only show one tail, not very bushy.
I want to make a very bushy one tail as seen in the picture below. How do I start ? ... 4747957384

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Re: Help with Huge Furry Tail

Post by winkish » Wed Dec 26, 2018 3:01 pm

Hey! I don’t think this is feasible because the tail is so big. It might be best to use a foam or chicken wire base and then cover it with fur made from the technique in the link. I want to see how this turns out, good luck!

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