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Anime Expo 2018 Events

Post by waynekaa » Wed Jul 04, 2018 12:32 pm

Wednesday July 4th
From Wednesday thru Friday, stop by the Crunchyroll Headquarters and take part in the My Hero Academia Host Club! Reservations open early every day! Stop by #CR_HQ for details on times and to make reservations!

Thursday July 5th
When the convention opens, be sure to stop by the booths of all our clients this weekend

For the latest news from Sentai Filmworks, come to the Sentai Filmworks Industry Panel Thursday July 5th 11AM Petree Hall LP1!

If you're a fan of Pop Team Epic then get ready for the Autograph Session with Producer Kotaru Sudo at the Kodansha Booth. Pipimi and Popuko cosplayers will be on hand for photos and dancing lessons! Mark your calendars for Thursday July 5th 3 PM! This will be a ticketed event, be sure to check with the booth ahead of time on how to get your tickets! Be sure to pick up some Pop Team Epic merchandise from the Kodansha and Sentai Filmworks booths!

Dust off those FMA costumes because we're holding a Full Metal Alchemist Cosplay Gathering at the Aniplex USA Booth #2000 at 3PM, Thursday July 5th of Anime Expo!

Come to the Cells at Work! Talkshow on Thursday July 5th at the Aniplex of America Booth (#2000) at 4:30PM! Come early because there's a chance to obtain an autograph ticket for Tomoaki Maeno (Voice of White Blood Cell).

Be sure to line up early to attend the Anime Expo® 2018 Aniplex of America Industry Panel at Petree Hall LP1 on Thursday July 5th at 6:30PM for all the latest news and giveaways!

If you can't get enough Pop Team Epic, make sure you attend the PTE Panel, at 8pm @ LP3 / 404AB with Producer Kotaru Sudo, hosted by HiDive and Sentai Filmworks!

Friday July 6th

The Cells at Work! at Anime Expo® Panel will feature special guest Tomoaki Maeno (Voice of White Blood Cell) on Friday July 6th at 11AM in LP4 #411. Come early because there's a chance to obtain an autograph ticket for Tomoaki Maeno's limited autograph session!

Treasure Update! Bring your Calling cards!
Calling all Phantom Thieves! Time to have a Persona 5 Cosplay gathering at Friday July 6th,12:30 PM at the Palace known as the Kotobukiya Booth at Anime Expo! They will be giving away a Persona 5 Cu-Poche figure and lanyard to a randomly selected cosplayer, so don't miss your chance! Take Your Photo (Heart!)

Another Palace has appeared! We'll wrap up the Persona 5 Cosplay gathering from Kotobukiya and head on over to the next P5 Cosplay gathering at Aniplex USA Booth #2000 Friday July 6th 1 PM! This time with a very important guest! So Take Your Photo (Heart!) Part 2!

I hope you got a ticket, because the Tomoaki Maeno (Voice of White Blood Cell) autograph session happens at 2:10PM on Friday, July 6th at Kentia Hall Table 4! Hosted by Aniplex USA

Link Start! We're going to kick off Sword Art Online festivities with a SAO cosplay gathering on Friday, July 6th 2:30 PM at the Aniplex USA Booth #2000. All avatars and variants welcome! ALO, GGO, SAO, OS and the latest, Alicization!

Interested in Sound! Euphonium? Pony Canyon will be hosting the premiere on Friday July 6th 3PM at JW Marriott LP2

Maybe taking a stand is more your thing? Stop your pose and wind your way down to the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure panel on Friday July 6th 3PM Main Events/Hall B hosted by Vizmedia!

Say, how would you like to contract with me and be a magical girl? We'll be holding a Madoka Magica Cosplay Gathering on Friday July 6th 4pm at the Aniplex USA Booth #2000

Here's your chance to get an autograph from the legendary Akiman, character designer and illustrator for the new mobile game, Star Ocean Anamnesis! This Friday July 6th 4:30 PM at the Square Enix booth only at Anime Expo 2018 with ACP !

The PERSONA5 the Animation Steals Anime Expo! panel happens Friday July 6th at 5PM in LP1 Petree Hall. Special guests, Director Ishihama and Producer Adachi will be on hand to talk about PERSONA5 the Animation! First come first served giveaways include a P5 CALLING CARD and JOKER MASK so line up early! We'll also have special goodies raffled off at the end of the panel!

The Sword Art Online Summer Festival 2018 at Anime Expo® happens this Friday July 6th at 7PM in LP1 Petree Hall at Anime Expo. Join us and our special guests as we talk Sword Art Online past and future! Hosted by Aniplex USA.

Do you have a guilty pleasure associated with vampires? Then finish your dinner and come to the Devils Line Screening July 6th at 10pm in Room LP5 404AB hosted by HIDIVE and Sentai Filmworks!

Saturday July 7th
Start your Saturday off with some extra sparkles, as the famous Sailor Moon panel is happening again! Saturday is Sailor Moon Day and we kick off the celebration with the Sailor Moon Panel on Saturday July 7th 10 AM! Be sure to stop by the Vizmedia booth to play the Chase Event for a special piece of Sailor Moon memorabilia!

If you missed the first autograph session, then this one is your last chance to get a signature from Pop Team Epic Producer Kotaru Sudo at the Kodansha Booth. Mark your calendars for Saturday July 7th 11 AM! This will be a ticketed event, be sure to check with the booth ahead of time on how to get your tickets! Be sure to pick up some Pop Team Epic merchandise from the Kodansha and Sentai Filmworks booths!

Pony Canyon brings you Go Nagai, the author behind Cutey Honey Universe on Saturday July 7th 12PM at JW Marriott LP2

American Cosplay Paradise is planning on celebrating the upcoming release of K: SEVEN STORIES movie series so we thought we'd show Japan just how much America loves K! Come bring your favorite K cosplay at 2PM on Saturday, July 7th at Site 8 for the AX Cosplay gatherings

Fans of Fate Grand Order, let's help represent some Servants with a cosplay gathering! Saturday July 7th 2:30 PM FGO Gathering Aniplex USA Booth #2000

On Saturday July 7th at 3pm Granblue Fantasy fans will gather to see the 5 finalists for our Granblue Contest at the Cygames booth, where the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be determined. Some great prizes are being given out, and a gallery of other entries from our contest will be shown on video as well!

The creator of Cutey Honey, Go Nagai will be signing autographs at 3pm Saturday July 7th at Anime Expo! Please stop by the Pony Canyon booth for details!

Saturday July 7th 4:30PM Fate/Grand Order Panel in LP1 Petree Hall at Anime Expo

Join the A-1 Pictures team at Anime Expo® on Friday
July 7th at 5PM in LP4 #411 as they give you the latest news on upcoming projects and share exclusive material direct from Japan's most popular animation studio. Plus, get an insider’s look at the studio responsible for this year's biggest anime including Record of Grancrest War and the highly anticipated Sword Art Online – Alicization-!

When the Red King, Mikoto Suoh, and Blue King, Reisi Munakata, cross paths for the first time, a new battle will begin! Make sure you are the first to witness the premiere of the next K Project movie on Saturday July 7th 6PM at Petree LP1 only at Anime Expo

Sunday July 8th
12 Doreiku Autograph
Fans of Kase-san will line up to on Sunday July 8th 12:30 PM to watch the Kase-san and Morning Glories Movie at Anime Expo!
Wayne of AGSMA

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