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Events > Sword Art Online Gathering @ Anime Expo 2013
About This Event

Description: July 5, Friday:
Noon-1:00pm Video 1 Sword Art Online Screening
ACP Cosplayers will be at the dub screening of episodes 1 and 2 to greet attendees.

2:00-2:45pm Booth 901 Sword Art Online Cosplay Gathering
How many Kiritos can we fit in a 10 x 20 space? Find out at the Sword Art Online cosplay gathering at the Aniplex Booth - everybody\'s welcome!

Aniplex would like to host a SAO cosplay gathering at the booth, organized by ACP! This will last for about 1 hour, and all properties of SAO (anime, light novel, game) are welcome.

Anime Expo 2013
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This event has already ended.
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Sword Art Online

Location: July 5, Friday Aniplex Booth 901

Volunteer Info: Since this is a gathering, you will automatically be accepted when you apply, this is just to keep track of who\'s coming.