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Events > A Certain Magical Index + Geneon @ AWA 2012
About This Event

Description: FUNimation will be having the premiere of A Certain Magical Index at AWA, so we need some cosplayers to help drum up some attention! This will also be part of a promotion to remind people of the titles FUNimation has rescued from Geneon Entertainment.

Anime Weekend Atlanta 2012
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This event has already ended.
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Associated Series
A Certain Magical Index
Serial Experiments Lain

Location: This will be divided up between the FUNimation panels, screenings, and booth.

Volunteer Info: The priority for cosplayers is: A Certain Magical Index, then Serial Experiments Lain and Hellsing. More series will be added as soon as we get a list from FUNimation. Total time commitment should be 4 - 6 hours for the weekend, in exchange for badges and FUNimation titles.

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