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Photoshoot Info
G.I. Joe
Vacation Photos of G.I.Joe vs. Cobra: Operation Hornet - PART TWO
Canon Powershot G6, Canon 30D, Canon 40D
Date Taken:
06/25/2013 (Last Updated 06/25/2013)
Extra Info:
GIJoe arrives in multiple land, sea, and air vehicles and using their newest futuristic weapons. It\'s up to them to take back the USS Flagg and get rid of the Cobra infestation. Shipwreck leads the Land Assault team arriving by Cover Girl\'s Heavy Armored Tank Division. His team includes specialists Tunnel Rat and Cover Girl. Taking out surrounding Cobra HISS tanks, they clamber up the side of the USS Flagg and take out Cobra troopers guarding the bridge area. A surprise encounter with Shadow Tracker doesn\'t stop them as they press on to get to the device before Cobra does.



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