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Reviews for Arda Wigs
  1. Rating: 5 / 5.00

    Wig: Jett (Used for Tiz Arrior from Bravely Default: Flying Fairy)

  2. Rating: 5 / 5.00

    Wig: Katinka (Used for Akane Tendo from Ranma 1/2)

  3. Rating: 5 / 5.00

    Wig: Luthien (Used for Wadanohara from Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea)

  4. Rating: 5 / 5.00

    Wig: Nina (Used for Matsuno Ichimatsu from Osomatsu-san)


  5. Rating: 5 / 5.00

    Wig: Nina (Used for Griffith from Berserk)

    This is one of their SILKY brand wigs

  6. Rating: 3 / 5.00

    Wig: Venus (Used for Tharja from Fire Emblem: Awakening)

  7. Rating: 4 / 5.00

    Wig: Ororo (Used for Yang Xiao Long from RWBY)

  8. Rating: 5 / 5.00

    Wig: Venus (Used for Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon Crystal)

  9. Rating: 3 / 5.00

    Wig: Jasmine (Used for Makoto Kino from Sailor Moon)

    VERY heavy in general, difficult to pin to the wig cap to keep it in place

  10. Rating: 4 / 5.00

    Wig: Matilda (Used for Yennefer from The Witcher Series)

  11. Rating: 4 / 5.00

    Wig: Buttercup (Used for Lavellan from Dragon Age 3: Inquisition )

  12. Rating: 5 / 5.00

    Wig: Lulu (Used for Black Mage from Final Fantasy Explorers)

  13. Rating: 4 / 5.00

    Wig: Jaguar (Used for Dio Brando from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)

  14. Rating: 5 / 5.00

    Wig: Luthien (Used for Mitsuru from Persona 3)

    Surprisingly the silky fibers hold up well and are NOT horribly tangly yet. LOVE Arda Silky.

  15. Rating: 3 / 5.00

    Wig: Long Curly Clip (Used for Unicole from Toyetica)

    Used a Silky clip since I knew it would see a lot of traffic. Held up fairly well so far. The airbrush paint did kind of reduced the "silkiness" back to about standard quality for Arda.

  16. Rating: 4 / 5.00

    Wig: Jett (Used for Shinya Kōgami from Psycho-Pass)

  17. Rating: 4 / 5.00

    Wig: Jett (Used for Shinya Kōgami from Psycho-Pass)

  18. Rating: 3 / 5.00

    Wig: Magnum Long (Used for Kagamine Rin from Vocaloid 2)

  19. Rating: 5 / 5.00

    Wig: Eowyn (Used for Ooyodo from Kantai Collection ~Kan Colle~)

  20. Rating: 4 / 5.00

    Wig: Hansel (Used for Lisbeth from Sword Art Online)

  21. Rating: 5 / 5.00

    Wig: Morpheus (Used for Yugi Muto from Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters)

  22. Rating: 4 / 5.00

    Wig: Vegas (Used for Locke Cole from Final Fantasy VI)

  23. Rating: N/A

    Wig: Chibi (Used for Silica from Sword Art Online)

    My head is so small. I gotta try one of their small head chibi wigs. I made it smaller, but I still have tumor head.

  24. Rating: 4 / 5.00

    Wig: Marty (Used for Carol Peletier from Walking Dead, The)

    First time using a lace front wig, I have to say I really like them!

  25. Rating: 4 / 5.00

    Wig: Ferrari (Used for Fiona Belli from Haunting Ground)

    The only thing I'm nit-picky about is the color of the wig. It's certainly not at all Arda's fault. It's definitely accurate to the website, I just think I look awkward with this hair color. :< This could also be a personal problem (lol ughhh), but I felt that the top of the wig was very puffy and wouldn't stay smoothed down (possibly because I have a decent amount of hair to shove underneath and I need to learn how to smooth it all down better!).