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May 22, 2013 12:21:56 AM
boy the video looks choppy, and I should have slowed my moves down, all and all it was not too bad but for my last ever all dance skit, it could have been better, and I had to cut it short on the rickroll as they were afraid that people would lynch me if I did not, origionaly I was going to do the lipsynching with motions for the first verse as well, and I was going to shout you got riiickkkkk rollllled, holding the signes up, not bad but I need another angle of shooting, at least acp was there this year I had a feeling that there were not going to cover the masq this year let alone stream it live like they usually do, I asked but no one in the masq staff seemed to know for sure, but since they have for the last 4 years I assumed they would, Enjoy the performance since it just might be my last for a year or two, and my last all dance skit since people are sick of just seeing me dance judge wise, I need a differant type of claim to fame if you all get my drift. thank you, Signed Jeremy manga1

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