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Jun 15, 2009 12:20:22 PM
i was the glaceon! ^-^ and all i can say is 5 am in the morning

Jun 15, 2009 12:44:45 PM
I was Umbreon! For all that we went through that day, it was pretty good. I also wrote that script btw. :3

Jun 15, 2009 01:10:25 PM
I was the duel disc trainer! I also helped with the voices. Great job everyone!

Jun 15, 2009 01:13:09 PM
I.. was the Flareon. I guess you can see my boxes. Goddammit @_@

Jun 15, 2009 04:49:36 PM
v.v I was the Espeon and I find it disconcerting that the people -in- the skit are the only ones commenting ON it. XD;

Jun 15, 2009 05:29:33 PM
Wow, did we all just sign up now to view this vid or something? x3; I was Leafeon (also agreeing with Encyclopika that it did come out pretty decently).

Jun 18, 2009 01:21:22 PM
i thought it was cool, ^^ saw it threw shama's journal on deviantart. ~ little miss sorry.

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