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Videos > Sakura-con 2009 Cosplay

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Apr 14, 2009 05:31:42 AM

Apr 14, 2009 08:32:03 AM
great skit. made me laugh for a while

Apr 14, 2009 11:35:21 AM
xD! That was great.

Apr 14, 2009 12:37:57 PM
Thank you for taking the time to post this video - ACP always gets the best shots!

Apr 14, 2009 03:32:32 PM
You guys did a great job this year! I love it!

Apr 14, 2009 11:15:11 PM
This is AMAZING! Congrats on the award guys! You completely earned it!

Apr 15, 2009 12:02:18 AM
That was amazing XD I loved it!!

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Apr 15, 2009 10:20:08 AM
priceless ^_^

Apr 17, 2009 05:05:08 AM
I can't stop laughing! Congrats and thank you!

Apr 20, 2009 07:07:15 PM
I wish I could of seen this live. It was frikkin funny!

Apr 21, 2009 08:24:41 PM
I cant stop laughing when sniper shot naruto

Apr 25, 2009 09:10:10 PM
One of my favorite skits I've seen! XD

May 04, 2009 12:03:58 PM
OMFG!!! The Hikaru and Kaoru part was awesome!! If I wasn't in class I'd be squealing on the top of my lungs!!! X3

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Jun 18, 2009 01:42:20 PM
That was genius!!!!!!!!

Jun 30, 2009 04:54:46 PM
So frickin' awesome!

Jul 31, 2009 12:11:09 PM
Good job!!!!

Aug 02, 2009 10:18:54 PM
Oh my gosh. That was hilarious!

Feb 06, 2010 04:32:03 PM
Oh my Jashin!! I started crying from laughing so hard when Sniper shot Naruto xD

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