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Oct 12, 2008 10:52:25 AM
OMG! That was SO adorable! The musical aspect was really ingenious and I loved the costumes and the fact that everyone (despite being from several FF series) stayed in character. Great job, a well-deserved award!

Oct 12, 2008 11:44:39 PM
I DAWWWed a little. Will never admit it public though. Stupid sexy Mario.

Oct 13, 2008 11:14:09 AM
Awwwwww :D! That was awesome! I love that FFIX got some love =P. Great job!

Oct 13, 2008 01:32:44 PM
Dang, this now one of my favorite skits ever!

Oct 13, 2008 05:03:13 PM
OMG, truly awesome. Seriously one of the best skits ever! So cute ='3

Oct 13, 2008 06:15:56 PM
That was pretty damn cute. :)

Oct 14, 2008 04:12:00 AM
wow. XD You know, I could see that song coming from a mile away, but I didn't expect it to be so....theatrical. Good job!

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Oct 14, 2008 02:19:30 PM
This is my friend Vikki's skit it is epic!!!!! lol

Oct 17, 2008 09:19:23 AM
Those wedding dresses were spectacular. Definitely my favorite skit of the night :DDD

Oct 18, 2008 05:14:56 AM

Oct 18, 2008 06:47:16 PM
Very very cute. Loved it!!

Mar 11, 2009 10:50:40 PM

May 16, 2009 11:48:18 AM
Wonderfully choreographed and put together, and she does a really great selphie. Btw the low res version seems to be a different video, bummer =P

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Jul 09, 2009 06:49:24 PM
This is a whole lot of epicness and awesomeness :)

Oct 12, 2009 11:21:27 PM
Pure Awesome. : O

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