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Videos > OhayoCon 2008 Cosplay

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Jan 08, 2008 06:52:54 PM
hey lookit me! great video quality!

Jan 08, 2008 07:06:48 PM
My last line was "Well It's happy hour somewhere, time to get my drink on." I gotta mix skit s abit better at the end. >.< Meh! It was so much fun!

Jan 09, 2008 03:29:58 PM
But i luff this skit it made me so very happy!

Jan 09, 2008 04:59:32 PM
Oh, I just loved this skit! It's so funny and well done!

Jan 16, 2008 10:25:43 PM
What was their new them song?

Jan 16, 2008 10:29:27 PM
srry Theme song

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