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Videos > OhayoCon 2008 Cosplay

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Jan 06, 2008 02:55:29 PM
This skitwas m favorie by far lat night. The scream at the beginning that went on a little longer than everyone else was me!

Jan 06, 2008 09:49:42 PM
Aww, thanks! :D (I was Fai.)

Jan 07, 2008 01:31:08 AM
thank you! (I was kurogane)

Jan 07, 2008 03:39:19 AM
Yay, glad you liked it! (I was Sakura)

Jan 07, 2008 01:27:08 PM
Im so glad Tsubasa is getting the attention it duely deserves. You guys rocked! Especially the cute Kuro-papa stuff... ^_^ I loved it!

Jan 09, 2008 03:10:01 PM
this skit killed me dead. i was very happy good job! ~Konan from "The Akatsuki Can't"

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