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Videos > OhayoCon 2008 Cosplay

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Jan 06, 2008 03:01:45 AM
OMG i know thme that's Kale and Soy

Jan 06, 2008 04:08:40 PM
I was at the con last night, but so funny!!!

Jan 06, 2008 09:43:33 PM
I saw this, and it was freaking genius!!!

Jan 09, 2008 12:28:57 AM
DJ Wonder Bread, you're my hero~

Jan 09, 2008 12:45:31 AM
Somebody's head was blocking my view, but it was still amazing!

Jan 27, 2008 11:35:35 PM
This was, in my eyes, the best skit. It's only rival, in my eyes, was the dramatic, deep Naruto and Sasuke one. As soon as Numa Numa came on, my friend and I began to dance slightly. xD Love these guys. They made Naruto and Sora kinda hott.

Mar 08, 2008 01:11:54 PM
this was the best naruto skit on the site so far!

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Jun 14, 2008 02:48:09 AM

Apr 10, 2009 06:27:50 PM

Aug 20, 2010 03:23:48 PM
Sora was freaken amazing!!!

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