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Videos > FanimeCon 2007 Cosplay

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May 11, 2008 12:44:31 PM
That was really awesome ^_^

May 19, 2008 07:35:58 PM
I loved watching this live! ^_^ It was amazing.

Jun 09, 2008 08:27:08 PM
lololololol XDXDXDXD "remember...you can't say yaoi without Ow-ee"

Aug 19, 2008 06:47:32 PM
Lovely... I cosplay Haruhi, which always leaves for interesting episodes of tug of war between the twins and Tamaki-senpai...

Oct 13, 2008 08:48:31 PM

Jun 12, 2009 07:15:19 PM

Jul 30, 2009 03:28:38 AM
that was soo funny

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Jul 31, 2009 02:05:16 AM
Fan girl sqeual!! ♥O♥

Jul 03, 2010 02:26:43 PM
One of my favourites. Ever. XD Wonderfully awesome use of a wonderfully ridiculous song.

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