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Account Problems: I can't access/activate my account!
Just registered for the site, and haven't gotten your activation E-mail (it should only at most take 24 hours). First of all, DO NOT USE YAHOO. Change your E-mail here to a non-yahoo:

Haven't been on our site in a LONG time, and forgot your password?
Any other account problems? Have no fear.

Just e-mail genjitsu@acparadise.com and cosplaystaff@acparadise.com
with the Subject as [ACP] Account Problem <- IMPORTANT

Be sure to include
1. Your E-mail that we can get back to you with an answer (the one you signed up with)
2. The forum username you signed up with
3. Your Cosplayer Handle (if appropriate) as well
And we'll fix that problem right away
Make sure your SPAM blocker isn't set on ULTRA HIGH

In particular for YAHOO and HOTMAIL E-mail accounts, you should check your Bulk/Junk Mail folders for your authorization E-mail. It should only take 24 hours TOPS after you sign in to get your confirmation E-mail. If you did not, write us -immediately- so we can get your account activated.