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Blue Exorcist

Description: Blue Exorcist Exam
Where: Crunchyroll Booth
When: Saturday, July 2, 1:00 PM ? 2:00 PM
Blue Exorcist is one of the newest and hottest shows to hit Japan this year, and this will be your chance to interact with the characters from the show! The mysterious Mephisto is looking for some new exorcists to recruit, and he needs your help! Join cosplayers from Blue Exorcist as they compete in a series of mini-games and trivia questions to pass their recruitment exams. Prizes will be given randomly to those who participate and win.

Blue Exorcist Cosplay Gathering
Where: Aniplex Booth
When: Sunday, July 3, 1:00 PM ? 2:00 PM
Cosplayers from ACParadise will be representing the main characters from Blue Exorcist, and encouraging fans to stop by for some great photos. If you?re unfamiliar with the series, now?s your chance to get familiar with it by seeing the eclectic characters brought to life and
talking with the show?s biggest fans!

Location: Aniplex/Bandai and Crunchyroll Booths

Volunteer Info: Volunteers need to obviously have a costume from the show.

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