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    Kill la Kill

    Description: This is a placeholder page for Kill La Kill events at Anime Expo - Aniplex has confirmed that they want to celebrate the series in a big way there. There will be a cosplay gathering, and a special Kill la Kill event, which includes a screening of the dub premiere, a concert, and talk session with the guests. Cosplayers will be involved in the Special Kill la Kill event at Anime Expo, featuring KILL LA KILL guests coming to Anime Expo including the Producer, Scriptwriter, Character Designer, Singer Eir Aoi and the voice actresses for Ryuko and Satsuki! This will be a top tier event!

    Location: This will take place at the Aniplex Booth and at various panel rooms. Exact days and times will be determined as we get closer to the con. There might be an extra booth where we'll have more activities as well.

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