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    Description: [EDIT: Unfortunately due to the winter snowstorm preventing us from getting to Katsucon, this event has been cancelled.] There's a new meme thanks to the recent Tokyo snowstorm, "Embarrassing in the Snow". It comes from a couple being interviewed on TV where the man says, "I like the snow, especially when you're with your lover because it gives off a special feeling" with no shame whatsoever. There's been lots of Japanese fanart from this image, and so, what better way to celebrate Valentines Day with some cosplayer takes on this meme?

    Location: We will wait near the entrance to the Harbor, by the fountains at the Gaylord starting at 2PM. From there, we'll find a suitable spot with snow. If you're unavailable Friday, then you can just flag down Genjitsu any time during the weekend for shots!

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