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Description: Saturday November 16, 2013 : 10:00AM - 6:00PM

This is a FREE EVENT!

Join us for November's free open house event at ToysLogic!

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- Come by to shop or browse through all your favorite anime products and merchandise.

- Following traditional style in Japan where fans bring in their collection to sell in a clear box at a store with other fan's collection. And you don't have to do the selling yourself! Go!Figure will present you a similar chance but with modified rules to fit a more fair standard because there will be no charge to renting a space. However this will be first come first serve. Anyone who comes later will be on a wait list.

- You will be only allowed to place 5 items out on the table to sell. So you should choose wisely what you think will have the highest chance of selling to place on display. Anything that can't fit on the table space/shelf provided can't be sold. (ex wallscrolls, oversized boxes..) Approx. 12'inches x 24'inches
- You are free to check back anytime to see if your items have sold and retrieve your money.
- Limited space, so if you can't get a spot, you can either wait list for someone to close their spot on the table or wait for someone to sell out. This is only if all the spots are filled up. (We are willing to hold your items at the table to display for you, but we won't be liable for any lost items.)
- Selling out of this booth is not allowed at the event. This is something very small and simple, it's not meant to be a full Swap Meet / Flee Market.
- We only accept items related to Anime/Manga. No fanmade items, or things related to comics/movies etc.

- Console Gaming will be provided at the event. Playstation 3 & Wii will be present for gaming. If you have a 3DS we highly suggest you to bring your own to meet other Go!Figure Miis.

CONSOLE GAMING TOURNAMENT: (Prizes will be awarded to the Winners)
-Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
-Persona 4 Arena
-Tekken Tag Tournament 2

- Inviting everyone to bring their decks whether it's Weiss, Yu-gi-oh! or Cardfight Vanguard! We'll have a section just for you!

CARDFIGHT!! VANGUARD TOURNAMENT: (Prizes will be awarded to the Winner)

PROJECT DIVA F PS3 CHALLENGE: Can you show how well you can score on each difficulty? Prizes will awarded to the Winners

COSPLAY CHARACTER PORTRAYAL: Love who you cosplay as? Why you choose this character? Then show us with the best portrayal in a short performance to let us know how much you can be that character you are cosplaying as!

CONTEST MODEL KIT TOURNAMENT : (limited to Gundam and Mecha only)
Test your skills in model kit building!
Sponsored by Tatsu Hobby

More details to come! Please feel free to invite all your friends and family.

angelkaoru @ yahoo . com (Please title your email with Toys Logic Event or Go!Figure so it doesn't get marked as spam. Thanks!)


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