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    Cardfight!! Vanguard

    Description: ACParadise teams up with Bushiroad, the acclaimed card game maker to help promote Cardfight!! Vanguard and Weiss Schwarz at their booth!

    Cardfight!! Vanguard cosplayers will play lucky attendees in gunslinger matches for great prizes. We will have cosplayer representatives from Madoka Magica, Fate/Zeo and Sword Art online to promote the English Weiss Schwarz card game. There will be promotional items available at the booth for distribution.

    = Bushiroad Stage ~ Schedule of Events =
    7/4 (Thursday)
    1:00pm - 3:00pm Cardfight!! Vanguard Gunslinger
    4:00pm - 5:00pm Cardfight!! Vanguard photo session

    7/5 (Friday)
    11:00am - 1:00pm Cardfight!! Vanguard Gunslinger
    1:00pm - 3:00pm Sword Art Online photo session
    3:00pm - 5:00pm Madoka Magica photo session

    7/6 (Saturday)
    11:00am - 1:00pm Madoka Magica photo session
    2:00pm - 4:00pm Fate/Zero photo session

    7/7 (Sunday)
    11:00am - 1:00pm Cardfight!! Vanguard Gunslinger

    Location: Bushiroad Booth, Main Stage #1001

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