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Kingdom Hearts

Description: Sora, Goofy, and Donald find Kairi asleep in a castle. She is unable to wake up because her heart is within Sora. Data-Riku tells Sora that Kairi is a princess and she is needed to complete a keyhole. Sora fights him and he disappears. Sora then realizes he must destroy himself to free Kairi's heart. He take's Data-Riku's keyblade and stabs himself in the heart. Kairi's heart is released and she wakes up finding Sora beginning to fade. She tries to catch him, but he disappears. Ansem then appears, determined to finish off Kairi, Donald and Goofy. Riku appears from inside him as a faded light shadow and tells them that the Heartless are coming. Quickly they flee, but one Heartless follows them. Donald tells the Heartless to get lost, until Kairi realizes it's Sora. She vows to protect him as the heartless attack her. With her love for Sora, He returns to normal hugging Kairi and telling her thank you.

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