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This event is finished, no volunteers needed.

Description: International Cosplay Day is a day where you can get dressed in cosplay and you can go out and join an event that is happening in your area (if there is one) or you can create an event for your area, or you can simply just cosplay and go out around your neighborhood, or ...go to wal-mart or to the grocery store. It is to have fun and be able to cosplay for a day even when there is no convention in your area.

for International Cosplay Day, you are not limited to anime. You can dress up as your favourite character from a movie, a comic, tv series, a video game, or really, just about anything. :)

It occurs on the last Saturday of August, annually.

Location: Go to this link to find all International Cosplay Day locations all over the world

Volunteer Info:
If you are planning on creating an event for your area, send me your info and where the event is and everything, or post it on the Page so I can find it easily.

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