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Donations and Sponsoring Cosplayers

Upgrading an account on ACP/ACE is easy, and offers a lot of benefits! Here's an overview of the different membership levels available:
Membership Level Standard Celestial
Number of Photos per Costume 5 50
Number of Unsorted Photos Allowed 25 100
Costume Restrictions /
Not Allowed
Original costumes, Non-Official Variations, Props No Restrictions
Seller Features None
  • Can mark costumes for sale
  • Costumes for sale show up in search engine
  • Can list commissions done for other people
Custom Cosplayer URL None http://www.acparadise.com/loves/(NAME HERE)
Other Features None
  • Less advertisements on cosplayer page
  • Hit counters and statistics for photos and costumes
  • Custom views for Cosplayer Page (Sort by most views, most comments, etc)
  • VIP Section for Cosplayer Page - Add members to your VIP club, and you can post photos that are VIP only, and also send exclusive messages
  • Construction Section for Costume Photos - Special section dedicated to construction or in-progress photos of your costumes.
  • Enhanced Convention History Section and ability to post con reports
  • Priority access for cosplay-related industry events
Cost Free $20.00

Sponsoring other Cosplayers
We also offer the option of "sponsoring", or upgrading another cosplayer. This is for those of you already with Celestial accounts, or if you're not a cosplayer and want to just show your support for one of our members. When you sponsor a cosplayer, an email is sent to them notifying that someone else has upgraded their account. Your username and email will be given, or you can choose to remain anonymous.
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