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Cosplayer JieKi > Costume of Astrologian (Final Fantasy XIV)

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Final Fantasy XIV
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Very Difficult
** Best in Show **
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
Materials - Navy Crushed Panne, Violet Glitter Organza, Blue Sparkle Organza, Purple Liquid Satin, Black Ribbon, Gold Vinyl, Lace, Grey Suiting, Blue Knit, Red Print Fabric, Silver/Purple Star Fabric, Black tulle ribbon, Interfacing, Gold Yarn, Grey Yarn, Ostrich Feathers, Dowel rods, Scrapbook stickers, Model Magic, Acrylic Gems, Wire, Zipper, Elastic, Eva Foam, Plastidip, Spray paint, Acrylic Paint, Cord, O-Rings, Embroidery Floss, LED lights, Purple dye, Scotchgard, Wooden Rings, Metal Rings

Base is made from thick interfacing. I patterned out the bottom piece and then made three cones of descending sizes. I sewed those together to create the general shape of the hat. I sewed wire around the brim of the hat for extra support. I then used the interfacing as patterns for the crushed panne. I then cut sections out of the top hat to reverse applique my silver stretch fabric onto.
After appliqueing, I sewed the hat pieces together. Using the same pattern, I cut the underside from custom dyed suiting. The lining of the cone is made from liquid casa. Before sewing the top and bottom together, I sewed on sequins and acrylic gems. I sewed in fake stitch lines around the brim of the hat, and sewed on a border to completely close the hat. The clip is an acrylic bead painted with nail polish and ink. The silver pieces were made from model magic. It's simply clipped onto the edge with a larger jump ring. The moon is two pieces of EVA foam, sculpted using a dremel. After layers of plastidip, mod podge, and spray paint. It was weathered and embellished with a resin casted gem. The underside is painted with ink, metallic, and glitter paint. I added in two magnets to the back of the moon and the inside of the hat.

The shawl is a half-circle grey flannel with a small pleated corner near the shoulders. The fur edge is unraveled yarn combed out to create a fur like texture. Silver cord was stitched around the edges to create the design on top. It was then lined with another layer of flannel, and small pearls were sewn on as embellishments.
n The front broach was made from eva foam, primed and painted, with a resin gem. I carefully sewed in a metal ring using ribbon. The four smaller pieces are made from craft foam and acrylic gems. The gems were soaked in degreaser to remove the silver backing. They were then painted to create a colored look. Afterwards, they were sewn respectively to a vinyl ???belt??? or more rings. The eye piece was crafted from craft foam. The red gems were put on headpins and attached via ribbon on the back. In one corner, I added in a jump ring and a hook. I made some thread chains in the back as belt loops??? to keep everything in place properly

The beast???the bodice was a simple v neck pattern made from crushed panne. The gown pattern was calculated using math and estimations. Consisting of 7 panels, the back panels were cut at an angle to create a nice train. I also cut the fabric so that the touch would flow from top to bottom, front to back. After pinning and pleating each section, I planned the applique design. After reverse appliqueing the design, it was then sewn onto the bodice. I embellished by stitching sequins in a design that I had pinned beforehand. On the reverse side, I sewed in some thread chains to loop the LED lights through. After the lace was sewn around the edge of the navy, I went ham on the acrylic gems and put them everywhere I saw fit. The front extra panel was made from blue knit and more navy panne. I used the same technique with the sequins and acrylic gems. The gold fur edge was crated with yarn, sewn into the panel, and then gold pearls went over the edge. I added bells for a little jingle. The grey suiting was custom dyed to have a more purple hue. I then patterned a pleated look, which was ironed and appliqued with gold vinyl diamonds. The two designs in between each diamond are two googly eyes. The edge of the pleated skirt was then blind hemmed. In the back of the pleated skirt, I created a cage with ribbons and made a small pocket for the LED battery pack to rest in. All three layers of the dress were then sewn onto the bodice. I then proceeded to add sleeves. I created the gold design in the front of the bodice with gold vinyl and black sequins. I blind hemmed the neck, and sewed in jump rings for the cording that loops from the front. The cord is braided yarn. Since the bottom half of the dress was so heavy, I added in ribbon suspenders on the inside. It???s held in certain places by thread chains.

After patterning through paper, the sleeves poofs are pleated rectangles. The left hand only has one poof, while the right hand has two, with the second poof being a little smaller. Each poof has elastic encased within at the top and bottom, and the sleeves are held up by elastic near the top. The border of the sleeves was patterned and crafted with gold vinyl. Pieces were sewn on strategically to prevent any showing stitches. The poofs were then stuffed with a little bit of tulle. On the left hand, the design on the sleeve was cut out of vinyl as well. Some paper crafting stickers were used for the diamond designs. The lace border was double layered and sewn on.

Arm Armor:
All crafted from craft foam-after patterning out on paper, I heat gunned craft foam for the shapes. Left hand has a wire piece inside the piece that extends out for stability. Gem is acrylic with backing removed. Clasps with snap at the wrist. Right hand is closed with snaps around the top.
The actual belt pieces were crafted from gold vinyl, and held down with snack clips during sewing to prevent holes in the material. The larger pieces were made with eva foam. The star was two layers of craft foam. The EVA was dremeled, sanded down, and painted. The tassels were made from embroidery floss on metal rings. Beads were added with headpins and sewn onto the back of the foam. The big pearl on the center of the U shape foam is a button. I pinned the foam pieces where I wanted them before deciding how I would cut my gold vinyl. The belt closes in the back with a keychain clasp. O rings and wooden rings were placed accordingly depending on where I wanted the misc. pieces to sit. The feather duster is held up by a clasp, and the purse and ball are held up by keychain clasps.

Miscellaneous Items:
Purse- Cylinder with circle base. Lined with metallic Halloween Purple/Silver star fabric. I decided to go with a gate closure purse frame, which gives it a super cute vintage look! I then added some beads for the ???chain???, and attached it to a metal ring. Embellished with a tassel and bell.
Ball- Spray painted a Christmas ornament, and the point was crafted with a dowel rod with model magic around the outside.
Feather duster/cat toy/I???m not 100% sure- Hot glued ostrich feathers to a dowel rod, and then covered the edge with model magic. Added in a cute acrylic star at the end. Drilled a tiny hole near to top and inserted a large jump ring to clasp onto the belt.
Card Holder- Base was created with blue knit, with interfacing inside. The gold pieces are layered craft foam. The diamond hanging was crafted from craft foam as well, and stuffed with a bit of stuffing for the shape. Magnets were added onto the top of the holder so that it magnetizes to a set of magnets on the underside of the dress. The top is also embellished with googly eyes. The back has a tiny pocket for my credit cards.
Cards- I found and edited the designs and sent them to a card printing company. I then individually cut out the cards.

A circle skirt base made from black suiting was sewn onto elastic and rested at the waist. I then sewed on a pleated liquid satin in reverse (so that the shine was underneath), and then pleated blue sparkle organza. Two more layers of ruffled purple glitter organza was sewn on top, one a circle and the other an oval for a slight train. The organza has a rolled hem, giving it a lettuce like edging. Because the petticoat became too heavy, I sewed in ribbon suspenders to keep the petticoat closer to my waist.

I completely obliterated another hoop skirt because I wanted the cage look??? for??? reasons. I encased the boning with ribbon. Some of the ribbon has some ruffled tulle sewn on it.
After obtaining a base shoe, I pattered the gold sections with paper and used gold vinyl for the designs. A simple piece if anything.
Personal Thoughts:
THE BEAST. I LOVE HER. SHE IS MY SNACK TRAIN--i hid snacks under the hoopskirt with binder clips... yum
Wig Details
Wig Brand
Epic Cosplay
Wig Name
Demeter 60"
Original Color:
Silvery White
Wig Quality Rating
3 / 5.00
Styling Notes
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