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Cosplayer Pocky Princess Darcy > Costume of Pixy Misa (Mahou Shoujo Pretty Sammy)

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Mahou Shoujo Pretty Sammy
Pixy Misa
Special Variation:
OAV episode 2
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Costume worn at:
FanimeCon 2015
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
Hat: Made from scratch with buckram, hand sewing, and PVC stretch vinyl. 3 purple feathers made with buckram, Rose has a clip on the back and holds the large white feather and keeps it on the hat.
White butterfly piece made with interfacing and casa satin. Same with the lavender feather skirt. The skirt was held together with a metal coat hanger and clasps in the back.
Boots: Boot covers glued to pumps that I painted with purple fabric paint.
The Purple stretch PVC was great to work with for the dress, gloves and boot covers since I could get it to a nice fit.
Wig: Heat resistant wig I got on ebay. Super long, full and durable. Cut and styled the bangs with Got2B hair spray.
Used my golden contact lenses and lots of make up for a dramatic effect to make the villain come to life! MAHOU SHOUJO! PIXY MISA!!
Personal Thoughts:
Samurai Kiss, Sundari-chan and a friend of theirs wanted to do a cosplay group for Fanime. After lots of debate on what we could all do, we came up with Tenchi. Sundari would be Ayeka, Samurai Kiss would be Sasami (since they are real life sisters) their friend would be either tenchi or kagato and I could for fill my dream of being Misaki Jurai (ayeka and sasami's crazy mother). When the con got closer, both Sundari and her friend weren't able to do the group. Samurai Kiss decided to go with Magical Girl Pretty Sammy. I was already going to be cosplaying an obscure character and now not having a sasami and ayeka was gonna make it not worth it. So a week before the con, I decided to go with the sassy bad girl Pixy Misa. I have already cosplayed Ramia the villain from Pretty Sammy, so Pixy Misa seemed like the next best thing! ^__^ Being a Pretty Sammy fan since I was 15, this costume would have made my adolescent self squee.I really loved how this costume came out! Especially since I only had 3 days to make it happen since I had to wait for all my materials in the mail. Everything came together really nicely. I would love to wear this again with Samurai Kiss to another convention.
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