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Cosplayer VintageAerith > Costume of Athena Cykes (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies)

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies
Athena Cykes
Special Variation:
Turnabout Reclaimed
Year Completed:
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Featured by Capcom on official Ace Attorney marketing
Costume worn at:
Otakon 2014
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
I WOULD choose to do a costume more difficult than Athena’s default outfit ;) I love her pirate outfit so much, what a darling.

Every part of this costume was made without a pattern, which I am super happy about. This might be an absolute first for me, aside from everything but the pants on Blackquill.

The jacket was a little bit of a bear to pattern—I tried hand-drafting it with a side seam first, but due to the nature of curved/asymmetrical hems, the jacket “caved in” at the side seams, so I bought more fabric and tried again—both “halves” of the jacket, meeting at the back seam, are cut all in one piece with one seam at the shoulder. The collar and sleeves were pretty straightforward—the blue “bias tape” around the cuffs is totally seamlessly attached, which I was really happy about.

All the blues and yellows on the outfit match exactly, which was my main goal. The white skirt is made out of white twill with a stripe of the blue crepe from the rest of the costume paneled in.

The corset was hand-drafted based on my ribcage, waist, and hip measurements, and I installed a zipper in the back. It has four lines of boning for support, but otherwise is pretty soft and comfortable to wear.

The hat was also a fun challenge to pattern. I made both my hat and Sasha’s hat—Sasha’s was a bit easier since it was a simple mirrored shape with a circle cut out for the ‘cap’ portion. Athena’s is a little weirder, but I’m pleased to report after an hour or so of cutting mockups out and trying them on my head, I was able to achieve the shape from the art. I’m less intimidated by hats after this LOL

Widget (and the accompanying glove) was a fun challenge and my first project with Worbla. I stretched it over a ping pong ball first, to get the ‘shell casing’ for Widget. His face is a ‘half’ acrylic cabochon, which I painted with several coats of blue/turquoise stained glass paint and then a light coat of blue paint on the back plane of it so it would reflect the color in any direction in which it was viewed. I bought tiny LED lights to stick through a hole in the back, but for now, I used a second acrylic cabochon as support for wedging the blue one in there and later on i will find a way to have it hollow behind the blue one so that the light can be inserted. I used softened worbla to thread wire through the top of his head for support and lashed him to a leather necklace strap sprayed silver with two ‘bobbin’ beads for the accent piece.

The glove is something I want to remake later from scratch—it is a weightlifting glove (color guard memories!) with three small ‘fingers’ with blue heat-bonded to the finger tips that I put on first, before pulling on the weightlifting glove so that it gives the illusion that only my ring and pinky fingers show through. The blue/yellow moon insignia were also heat-bonded on.

The wig was styled by the wonderful Kacie. Thank you so much!!
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Arda Wigs
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