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Cosplayer Envel > Costume of Tira (Soul Calibur 5)

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Soul Calibur 5
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
World Cosplay Summit 2014 Katsu Qualifier - Wild Card
Costume worn at:
Anime Central 2014
FanimeCon 2015
Katsucon 2014
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
I LOVE TIRA. I have always loved Tira. And I have always wanted to cosplay as Tira, but the opportunity never presented itself. Luckily, after years of adoring her, my awesome buddy Phaleure had a really cool idea to do Tira and Pyrrha Omega for our World Cosplay Summit preliminary costumes this year! I was super exited to not onlybe trying out for WCS again, but to be able to do a costume I'd been wanting to do for so long in the process!

I started with what I figured would be the easiest part, the wig. I knew I wanted an Arda wig because I do not trust ANY other brand to hold alcohol based dyes as well as the Arda wigs do. I really wanted a Lulu in pure white, but since they (and pretty much all) the short, pure white wigs were sold out, I settled for an Inigo. It worked out okay though, the extra body from the crimped base of the Inigo worked in my favor. Then, I purchased two matching, long, straight ponytail clips.

I started by mixing up two batches of wig dye in two different shades of purple. Unfortunately, no matter how I mixed the purples, they were never distinct enough once the two colors were braided together. So, I made the decision to change the lighter shade of purple into a more fuschia color by adding red Sharpie ink to my acrylic ink batch. I added some blue Sharpie ink to the opposite dye mix and voila! I had two opposing purpley pinks for my wig! I alternated between spraying and brushing dye into the strands, careful not to let the dye overspray or bleed into other parts of the wig. Once everything was dyed, I hacked the ponytail lengths in half. Once I had the cut off wig fiber, I used it to wrap some cotton cording and sewed the hair tubes into the base of the ponytail clips so I would have thicker, fuller braids. Then, I braided them, tied my skull pendants into the bottom, and wrapped it with some knit fabric.

All of the skulls and armor on this costume is made from a combination of foamies, aluminum foil, aluminum wire, Wonderflex, and Worbla. For the skulls, I made an aluminum foil base for the bulk, then covered it in Worbla and sculpted the finer shapes with Worbla. For extra durability, I stuck some wonderflex in between the layer of Worbla and foamies, for pieces like the shoes that might be hit or kicked while walking around a con.

The sleeves, shorts, and leggings are made from a 4-way stretch velvet that I ordered from Europe. :) It was such a great teal color for Tira!

I used suede hides in fuschia and lime green for the top. I machine sewed the main seams then hand stitched decorative stitches all over the top to make it look more tattered, worn, and haphazard, as Tira is. All the bones are made from aluminum foil and Worbla. The belt and all the doodads hanging off of it are made from extras of the lime green suede that I dyed with RIT dye and a sponge.

I used a teal spandex that matched the velvet to make the gloves and shoe covers. All of the hand and shoe armor is permanently cemented to the spandex.

The ring blade was made with layers of foam core board from the craft store, hot glue raised designs, and worbla and wonderflex in all the edging to give it extra strength since it was thrown during our rehearsals and performance. I chose to do the Azi Dahaka instead of Tira's default blade because I wanted something different, and I thought the design would be easier to break up for transportation.
Wig Details
Wig Brand
Arda Wigs
Wig Name
Original Color:
Pure White
Wig Quality Rating
5 / 5.00
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