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Cosplayer Envel > Costume of Nowi (Fire Emblem: Awakening)

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Fire Emblem: Awakening
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Costume worn at:
Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013
FanimeCon 2014
Katsucon 2015
Otakon 2013
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
My favorite thing about Fire Emblem cosplay is MORE OF IT. I have always adored the Manakette/Mamkute tribe in the Fire Emblem series, and it's no exaggeration or secret that I'd love to cosplay every single one of them. (Well, except Banta/Banter...) I love all of the dragon girls/ladies to the core and what finally got me to get off my procrastinating butt and make one was finding a beautiful leather hide at my local Tandy store that was so perfect for Nono's dragon scale top I couldn't resist... I already had a portion of the other fabrics and supplies I needed on hand and since a lot of my friends were making and planning Awakening costumes, I jumped right in!

The base wig is Arda's Jeannie wig in platinum blonde. I also purchased a matching Luthien wig in platinum blonde and used the ENTIRE Luthien for the ponytail by using Hezachan's method of making a full wig into a ponytail. I diluted acrylic inks with alcohol in three shades of green and airbrushed it into the wig, starting with the lighter green near the middle of the wig's full length and working my way into the darker colors near the bottom. It worked out really well! The acrylic ink and alcohol mixture sticks to the Arda fibers like a charm, it didn't rub off at all once I washed it!

The tiara is simply 12 gauge jewelry wire I bent and shaped. It has an elastic band that goes underneath the wig.

The cape is just a straight up and down cape. Nono's cape doesn't have much drape or body so I didn't want to go the half circle route like I normally do. I used a 54'' wide fabric and it worked out pretty well by just tapering it at the top into the collar. It is a purple suede lined with a dusty purple crepe back satin.

The top was custom made and fitted entirely from scratch with a white interlock fabric. I made and lined the front "bra" portion of the top with the white interlock, and once the bra portion was fitted I added the side/bottom part with more self-lined interlock. It laces up the back. I altered the shape and style of the white portion of the top because I'm more endowed than Nono is and I had to make sure I was both well covered and well supported while still being as accurate as I could be while keeping all that in mind. Once the base of the top as completed, I cut scales out of my leather hide and hand sewed each and every individual one onto the top. I added the cute scalloped lace and bow, a super awesome clear strap across the back, pink bow, and done!

The gloves are made and trimmed in the same fabrics as the cape. I downloaded a pattern for the gloves and resized it a bit to fit my grubby little hands.

The shorts are a pink suede I had in my closet. They were patterned entirely from scratch and are lined in a matching cotton and zip up the back.

The belts are a white upholstery vinyl that is lined on the backside with a light cotton. There are small squares of velcro on the belts in various spots to help hold them in their (awkward) place.

The belt buckles are two layers of sintra super glued together. I patterned the size and shape of the buckles with some scrap paper, cut them out of the sintra, sanded all of the edges smooth and filled in the gaps with wood filler, then used my Dremel to drill the swirl designs into it. I painted them with silver acrylics and then weathered them with black acrylics.

All of the hearts on the whole costume (necklace, belt, garters) are cast from resin. I cast the hearts on the necklace and back of the shorts with a green transparent resin dye and just a hint of Resin Obsession's silver pigment powder to give them some sparkle. I used apoxie sculpt to build the borders and designs for these. I super glued a loop onto the back of the necklace pendant so I could loop it onto the chain.

The purple hearts on the belts and garters were cast clear, with no dyes or pigments. I used Model Magic to make the borders for them and then painted the hearts with Precious Metal Effect Paint in purple and painted the silver borders with acrylics. I used black acrylics to weather them to give them more depth. I REALLY love how all the little hearts came out, they might be my favorite accessories on this costume!

The thigh highs and pink gloves are made from pink interlock with a lettuce edge hem. Since the colors and edge finishing were different and inconsistent from the finished product character design and the concept art (which is mostly what I was using) I went with matching pinks for the thigh highs and gloves and purple for the hearts because I really liked that color combination.

Now... The hardest part of the costume ended up being the boots... I KNEW it would be either the boots or the top, and while the top was time consuming it wasn't really hard... I started with a pair of old pumps I wasn't going to be using (yes, I know Nono wears flats, but I am short and have pudgy legs so pumps flatter my legs much better than flats) I knew doing the boots in layers and parts would be much easier and more practical than trying to do them in one large (awkward) piece.

I started by simply gluing some of my suede to the heels to cover them. Then, I patterned out a "base" boot that covered up the remainder of the base shoe and went up just like a little ankle boot. After I had my ankle boot base, I started on the upper portion... Which was REALLY awkward to figure out since her shoe has so many weird seams and pieces. I decided the most practical method for me was to have the entire upper part of the boot zip up the back and be permanently attached to the shoes only in the toe and upper foot area. Once I patterned out that main part, I added a bit more for the cuff and once I had all my layers and proportions figured out, I copied it and made it out of my purple suede! I lined only the fold-over cuff portion of the boots and inserted Peltex interfacing to keep them sturdy and give them more body. I also inserted some Peltex in the toe/bottom part of the main boot piece so it would lay nicely.

After all that noise was said and done I patterned out the heel/ankle cuff part last. The ankle cuff is permanently glued to the shoe and the zipper of the main back of the boot piece is hidden by it. :) I painted the toes of the shoes pink and DONE.

Though it sounds like a ton ton ton of work, I ended up making the vast majority of this costume in only about a week and a half before Otakon... I worked REALLY hard on her day and night before and after work, I wanted so much to wear her and I'm so happy I got her done! There are bits I want to go back and clean up but overall I'm so proud of her and I can't wait to wear her again!
Wig Details
Wig Brand
Arda Wigs
Wig Name
Original Color:
Platinum Blonde
Wig Quality Rating
5 / 5.00
How was the wig colored?
acrylic ink and alcohol using an airbrush
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