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Cosplayer Ashbrie > Costume of Pearl (Legend of Mana)

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Legend of Mana
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Dokudel's Judge's Award at Otakon 2012
Costume worn at:
Otakon 2012
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
Chest and shoulder pearls: I cast these out of resin myself. For the chest piece, I molded the basic shape out of clay, and the shoulder pearls I used large wooden balls and some smaller marbles and beads. I created the molds in silicon, and then used a clear resin with a golden/pearlescent powder mixed into it. After they cured, I did a few layers of pearlescent powder and clear coat to get them juuuust right.

The chest piece is held up with spirit gum. The shoulder pearls were glued to a piece of fabric, and are attached to my dress with snaps.

Dress: Oi. So the fabric I used is mostly dupioni silk, except for the small rose pink pieces which are taffeta. I needed just the right fabric for this costume…even if it meant some pricey pricey fabric. Hooray for fabric.com coupons! It was so worth it—I adore the colors and the texture and how it shines and ahhhhh

To pattern the dress, I first made the crinoline, and then had my friend basically cover me and it in paper and tape to create a paper pattern. Then I pretty much just figured out how to create the weird shape of the dress from there! I am so glad I managed to do the open front and the sash as a part of the dress.

The ruching on the sleeves and dress were done in a sort of ‘cheating’ way. I originally tried to do it the ‘professional’ way: 2 lines of basting stitch, pull threads, stitch down, etc—but, ugh, it was so much thread to deal with and the ruffle kept getting messed up and it was SO hard to deal with. So, I started over again with the cheating way: I put the sewing machine on the longest stitch, put the tension at the tightest, and YAY RUCHING! It was less thread pieces to deal with and stayed better before being secured.

Oh, and satin stitch. All the satin stitch. Satin stitch is kind of my thing. I love satin stitch. I originally intended to satin stitch only on the petals on the bottom of the skirt. Then I went up the skirt. And then next thing you know, SATIN STITCH EVERYWHERE!

Crinoline: The crinoline is built from corset boning, fabric, and wire. The blue part of the dress is separate and attaches to the crinoline with a whole lot of snaps.

Shoes: The shoes are covered with the same fabric as the dress. Wire was added in the front in order to create the triangle shape and add the big pearls.
Personal Thoughts:
Is this real life? Pearl has been a dream costume of mine since I first started cosplaying 10 years ago! I can't believe I not only finally made the costume, but also had my perfect amazing friend Issu to join me in her amazing Elazul costume! AHHH I LOVE THIS COSTUME SO MUCH
Wig Details
Wig Brand
Epic Cosplay
Wig Name
22" Curly
Original Color:
Caramel Blonde
Styling Time
A long time lol
Wig Quality Rating
5 / 5.00
Styling Notes
Wow okay--so I originally tried to make this wig out of a really old Elora wig I had laying around because, you know, it was there and it would save me some cash. But, ugh, it was just not working out at all! So semi-last minute, I ordered from Epic Cosplay. I am so glad they shipped the stuff out fast or I would have been screeeewed. While the pieces that stick out are supposed to really be perfectly straight hair pieces, I made the executive decision to do braids instead. I really really tried for the straight pieces, but they were just not coming out to my liking and I didn't have that much time to fuss with them. Besides, the braids turned out super cute. Wire was shoved into each braid to keep them up, and the pearls were attached to the wire. For the big ball at the end, I made a big braid in the wig, put a wire into that, and attached a Styrofoam ball. I covered the ball in hair with caulk and hairspray, then blended the hair from the braid to the hair on the ball so they looked smoothly attached.
Wig Review
I think this is my new favorite wig. It's just so cute! Even with that ridiculous hairball at the end.
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