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Cosplayer Envel > Costume of Tira Misu (Bakuretsu Hunters)

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Bakuretsu Hunters
Tira Misu
Special Variation:
Bridal Dominatrix
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Costume worn at:
Dragon*Con 2011
Sakura-con 2015
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
I absolutely LOVE Sorcerer/Bakuretsu Hunters, it was one of my favorite manga when I was a kid, but of course back then I had neither the skills nor the body to make one of Tira's outfits; she and Daughter/Dotta were always my favorite characters.

I found the artbook a few years ago at Otakon, which had a lot of art/outfits that were never featured in the manga, and the last photo in the book is of Tira and Chocolat dressed up in dominatrix gear, with wedding accessories! How awesome is that? It was by far my favorite outfit from the entire book, and I'd pretty much given up on anyone ever wanting to do Chocolat with me. Luckily, SamuChan was sucker enough to fall for my puppy dog eyes and FINALLY I had someone to do a Chocolat with/for me! :)

Another reason I'd put off Tira for years was that damn wig of hers. Her hair is such an odd color, reddish pinkish melon cherry limeade whatever you want to call it. I got lucky on eBay one night while I was looking for a red wig for another costume, and I found this one, which was the color I'd been looking for all along! All I did to this one was trim the bangs and curl it a bit... Since the veil covers most of it, I didn't go super crazy with the curlers.

The veil and bustle/skirt are both made of a pale pink organza, I simply finished the edges and attached the veil to a headband and the skirt to a thin piece of elastic, which loops around the little belt on the bodice so that I can remove it in case I decide to reuse this bodice for a different Tira variant.

The gloves and boots were purchased, the little white belts I cut from a very thin leather hide, painted, and put the little buckles on them, then I sewed the belts directly to the boots/gloves so that I could re use those as well if I ever wanted to. I absolutely ADORE those boots. I ordered them on eBay, the most inexpensive white thigh high boots I could find, and I expected those cruddy, Halloween PVC boots.... But these were not only matte white pleather, they fit my "fat" thighs like no other thigh high boots ever have! And they have the perfect semi-rounded toe, not that pointy toe that makes my feet ache.

Anyway, the puff sleeves are simply regular sleeves that I made extra large and gathered onto elastic, they are also separate from the gloves. The flowers on mine and Samu's veils started out as plain, white roses. I wanted our flowers to match, but I just couldn't find roses in deep pink and dark blue... So floral spray it was! It took a couple days and a few layers, but I'm really happy with how the colors for the flowers came out.

Now, that bodice. I'd never made a onesie before, and while I've made plenty of corsets, I've never made anything like that out of pleather, which my machine loves to just eat. After using scrap fabrics to figure out the pattern (I ended up using my Tabitha corset pattern and adding the "panty" part to it), I cut out the lining, interlining (maybe that's not what it's actually called, but that's what I call it, lol), and the pleather. The pleather I used for this was leftover from Griselda's skirt, and I had JUST enough to finish, which was awesome! After sewing all the layers together, I inserted spiral steel boning in the bust, sides, laces, and a couple other places. To be honest, I'm not sure I like this spiral boning. I definitely see its uses, but I personally like a bodice that I can tell is very stiff/structured while I'm wearing it: I'm not sure I enjoy just how flexible this boning is, it feels like there's nothing there, which is weird to me. It does provide adequate support/structure, however. Just not my personal taste. I ordered extra so I'll try it in a different style outfit to see if I like it better that way. The little black belts were made in the same manner as all the white ones, and they are stitched into the seams of the bodice. Once everything was constructed, I topstitched it all to help the soft pleather lay better, and DONE. The bodice laces up the back for closure.

There are things I'd definitely want to go back and improve, though I'm not sure if I can fix them without taking the whole thing apart, which I think would put too much stress on the pleather... So next time I make some sort of onesie I definitely have a better working knowledge of how *not* to do some things, haha. :) Overall, very happy with it though, definitely one of my favorite things I've made so far.
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