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Cosplayer VintageAerith > Costume of Rosette Christopher (Chrono Crusade)

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Chrono Crusade
Rosette Christopher
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Construction Difficulty:
Large page feature in COSMODE: The Nation, Japanese magazine, July 2012
Costume worn at:
Otakon 2011
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
I had been so afraid to do this version because I wanted to do it justice so badly. I was so nervous when I committed to it, and definitely spent way more money and effort on it than the other incarnations of her that I've done. My guns are by the AMAZING Baxter, who made them from scratch out of insulation foam and wood. I was able to use my wig, Magdalan badges, ammo boxes, holster, and boots from my previous cosplay, which makes sense, since those things stayed the same on Rosette when she switched into the militia. I was happy I was able to construct the new habit, cowl, parachute harness, and bloomers with the skills I've acquired in the two years since first cosplaying Chrono Crusade. Thanks so much to Steph (Kisa Cosplay) for showing me how to make bloomers!
Personal Thoughts:
;u; I have so many FEELINGS about finally doing this cosplay. I am going to probably end up sounding like a huge cheeseball. Anyway. I'm beyond happy that Tess (cupcake-rufflebutt) brought up the idea of doing Chrono and Rosette two years ago, when in one of my very first cosplays, I invaded the SpringHill Suites in Baltimore with my group to take photos in the badass vault they have downstairs. Back then, I was a starry-eyed new cosplayer who was baffled such an amazing cosplayer would want ME to be her Rosette, of all people, but it's so nice to be sitting here knowing that it did happen, and I got a new friend out of it! :) We shot with Corey, who was the photographer the first time around too, and it was all so nostalgic and awesome.

This manga still has the power to affect me, regardless of how many times I've read it (it's only 8 volumes). Different things get me each time, too. I know it might seem weird to have such an attachment to what seems to be a basic paranormal action thriller story, but I have such an attachment to these characters. I'm so happy I finally got to do the penultimate version of Rosette.
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