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Cosplayer feytaline > Costume of Mimic (Monster Girl Encyclopedia)

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Monster Girl Encyclopedia
Year Completed:
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ColossalCon (Cleveland) 2012
ColossalCon (Cleveland) 2011
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
I wanted to do one of Kenkou Cross's Monster Girl Encyclopedia Designs.

For some reason the incredibly bizarre Mimic was the one that stuck with me. Pretty simple in concept, a pain in the butt to put into practice. In terms of construction... not my best work. Took me way longer than it should have to finish.

Ribbons are all denim with stupid bias tape topstitched (oh, hush) on. The edging was a pain, I used doublefold for some areas (like the ribbon edging) and a buttonhole stitch in others to finish it. I couldn't really pattern anything, I just wrapped it around and was like YUP.

Pants were an oversized pattern, panties were just a pair of spanks covered in gold spandex after I got tired of fighting with a measured pattern (don't have a working printer atm.)

Earrings are sewn into the wig, made of paperclay. I don't have pierced ears and I'm pretty sensitive to the clip ons with the weight. Hey, it works. :)

The box is foamboard base and foamies molded and glued on to give it a three dimensional, 'board' look, using the craft foam armor technique (especially for the edging.) A simple wash was given over the paint to give it a slight texture because I was totally out of time and money before Kalahari--Er, Colossalcon.

I fixed the hinges, smoothed out the edges and repainted the gold trim for Colossalcon 2012

There aren't any straps or anything, I just step into it and it fits on over my huge ass. :3 Pretty comfortable oddly enough.

Think that's about it. Overall it's pretty ghetto, but it's a lot of fun.

Thanks to Patches for the photos.
Personal Thoughts:
This is the weirdest thing I probably will ever wear, though I probably should not say that because then I'll have to top it.
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