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Cosplayer Arlette > Costume of Rapunzel (Tangled)

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Animazement 2011
Anime USA 2011
Dragon*Con 2012
Katsucon 2011
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
6/7/2011 I have started the daunting task of hand-embroidering the patterns on the skirt, and have added details to the sleeves.

November 2011 - Updated the wig with bangs!

We saw Tangled the weekend it came out, and after seeing it twice in the same weekend my husband was the one who suggested that we should just do Rapunzel and Flynn (*cough*Eugene*cough*) for Katsucon. So I bought fabric the very next day and got to it! The bodice is fully lined with light plastic boning throughout, in the places I thought it looked like Rapunzel had boning in hers. The "brocade" design is hand painted on both the bodice and middle panel of the skirt, and I just used high-res movie images and a Rapunzel doll that my friend gave me as reference. All the skirt designs are also hand painted (I did a couple versions) because Rapunzel is an artist and I figured paint was reasonable, and I used several different kinds of fabric because I figured Rapunzel would be sewing her dresses from all kinds of different things that Gothel brought for her. The white slip/underskirt unfortunately doesn't show very well, but it's there. There is lace sewn along the bottom of it that is SUPPOSED to poke out from under the purple skirt, but it doesn't always work right. The sleeves went through three different versions before I got them the way I sort of want them. I wanted to have "poofy" cap sleeves without having them gather at the bottom the way the official Disney costume does, because Rapunzel's sleeves don't exactly do that. I totally get WHY they made them that way, but I wanted to try something else. There are still improvements I'd like to make, but I put a lot of love and a lot of work into it, so for now I'm fairly satisfied.
Personal Thoughts:
In all these years, I've never had a "favorite princess," per se. When asked, I always said Jasmine, but then explained that my favorite Disney movie was actually Hercules. Which of course was not a princess movie, and Meg could only be called my favorite Disney "heroine." Then I saw Tangled, and all that changed! I finally have a favorite princess! I adore Rapunzel and Eugene, and I hope my hubby and I can keep cosplaying them until it starts being creepy. P.S. The short brown wig is so much more flattering on me, but it makes me feel like I'm cheating!
Wig Details
Wig Brand
Wig Name
Really Long
Styling Time
Styling Notes
I started with the Really Long Wig from Amphigory, and braided it as soon as possible. I'm five feet tall, and the ends brush the floor when I'm wearing it. So I thought it was perfect for Rapunzel! Then I got several packs of 20" blonde extensions/wefts and sewed braids directly into the wig cap to add more fullness, then wrapped those smaller braids around the main one. I did this several times, bringing the smaller braids all the way down. Then I used more extensions to create a "hair ponytail holder" for the bottom. All the flowers are glued in (I don't plan to ever use this wig for anything else, obviously) and I tried really hard to match the kinds of flowers and their placement to movie references. This wig is HEAVY! I had a few pins in it, but they give me migraines so I didn't want to go too crazy with those. The front of the wig is stuck to my hairline with medical adhesive. That's what mostly kept it in place, and I was able to wear it for several hours without it hurting.
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