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Cosplayer Celeste Orchid > Costume of Salacia Amice (Original: Fantasy)

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Original: Fantasy
Salacia Amice
Special Variation:
Ice Goddess
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Very Difficult
Costume worn at:
Anime Central 2011
OhayoCon 2011
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
I first started with the shoes. I figured if anything boring shoes would not do. I took a pair of old wedge shoes that were broken and revamped them to Lady Gaga’s love child: the complete bottom hard part of the wedge has been bedazzled with gems, I used a hand beaded garland for the trim and added snowflake wire ribbon to create a gladiator wrapping. The neck piece was scrap fabric the same as the skirt and the corset. I then added a droplet effect leading into the corset and a silver piece in the center to add some detail. The headdress was made out of the same garland that was used on the shoes. I decided that it was better to cover the wire frame with chiffon and add crystal beading on the tiara to cover up the seams. The back part I added a snowflake to keep the tiara from falling off my head and as a comb. I then draped many crystals and beaded strands hanging from the tiara. The corset was the first piece of fabric that was cut out with the lining and the main fabric. I had used a silver light blue brocade with accents, the lining is a pale blue liner fabric. In person it is light blue but on camera it looks silver. No its light blue. Anyways. I used a basic corset pattern. Used the same garland on the shoes and the tiara on the hems of this costume. The corset is fully boned and has added breast cups for support. I decided to add chiffon to the edges so that the metal from the garland would not scrape my body or other people. In the center I decided to add a silver piece with a crystal on it from a Christmas ornament. I then decorated around it with light blue, white, and iridescent seed beads. At the bottom hem I decided to change it up and add thicker bicone beads, triangular, stars, and dark blue with the other type of seed beads mentioned above. The backing is a lace up style with silver cord with two 3d snowflakes hanging at the edge of each cord. The skirt design is open. There was a few more parts that I wanted to add to it but I did not get a chance to do so. I wanted to have my legs shown to show off my shoes rather than hide them. I also decided to have some form of body painting. The skirt is about 1 1/2 yards of the silver blue brocade fabric. I do not possess anymore of this fabric. It was all used in the making of this skirt. The skirt is lined with a light blue cotton fabric. The same fabric is the waistband. I first HAND STITCHED THE ENTIRE SKIRT WITH BEADS. The skirt has over 1000 beads on it. I actually started using sequins on the skirt to give it a stronger effect. I didn’t want it just to hang there so I added a bit more detailing with the bead work making it very heavy at the edge and then getting lighter on the way inside of the fabric. The beading fully goes around the top of the skirt and the bottom hem of the skirt. I gathered the skirt and lined it with the light blue fabric. On the edge of the skirt I added the same garland as the corset, the shoes and the headpiece. I only had enough garland for the front of the skirt.. I decided to add this Christmas garland at the bottom of the skirt: and this Christmas garland was no ordinary garland.. IT LIGHTS UP IN THE SHAPE OF STARBURSTS!! Completely matching the stars that are on the edge of the cord of the corset. I added more chiffon to the edges of the skirt all around and finished it off with the lining and the waistband. Random tidbit. I was curious to see how much my skirt weighted.. and the scale read “2.5lbs”. The finished result is “3lbs”. The miniskirt is rouched chiffon. I didn’t want something too over the top since the costume has so much to begin with. I decided to make it something like a layered effect. Roucheing was my idea for this underskirt so that it’s like layers or inches of snow. The make up consisted of a jeweled sticker garland that had ice blue gems and crystals in a snowflaky design. My friend Mel had put them on me when I was finished body painting myself with eye shadow. I also used my Lestat contacts for extra effect. I put dark blue powder then a silver powder on my lips for a cold consistency.
Personal Thoughts:
“Costume thoughts” I definitely am not finished with this costume. It still has two more pieces that have yet to be seen by the human eye. I definitely will make them entitling the costume as 100% finished. By far this is the most time spent productive costume. And it is fully my most favorite although it is unfinished. This costume truly shows off my craftsmenship and skill. For the record this costume is fully and completely LINED. “Name thoughts” The name origin came after I made it. Usually someone writes a story and then adds a title. Well this is the same case. Usually I have an easy time naming things.. but this one I didn’t have any ideas other than Snow… ice Lady… the boring stuff. I decided to search up some names pertaining to water or goddesses of water… or alike origin. I do know that this an ICE based costume so I kept somewhere in the name “ICE”. I came across the name Salacia. (http://www.20000-names.com/element_names.htm) go to water names #22 and you’ll see the name. I liked it a lot and ran with it… I didn’t want to purely based off of that Goddess so I added the play on words Amy. Then I realized I still did not really have the “ICE” in the name. In the end I decided to throw it at the end of Amy to create it as “AMICE”. It made sense to be known as “ICE” so now it stands as “AM ICE”. Thus there you have is Salacia Amice.
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