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Cosplayer Envel > Costume of Griselda (Odin Sphere)

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Odin Sphere
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Very Difficult
Best Master Craftsmanship - Ohayocon 2011
Costume worn at:
OhayoCon 2011
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
Well, this costume turned out to be a lot more trying than I had originally thought; but in a good way! I've always loved the valkyries' designs in Odin Sphere and I've always wanted to make one, so I finally just said, "Damn it, I'm gonna make this!", haha. I was going to do Gwendolyn, but I decided I'm really not a "blue" person, so I opted for her pretty pink sister instead. ;D

The wig started as a matte white Linda with another matte white Linda that was cut apart weft by weft. The first Linda I cut bangs into and styled it up into a ponytail. The second Linda, I took the wefts from and wrapped around a paper mache half ball to make the bun and braided to do the braids that wrap around the bun. The bun ties into the base wig over the little ponytail via some ribbons and is bobby pinned in place so that nothing is permanent and I can let it out and restyle it if I want to in the future.

The crown piece of the headband is made from a piece of sintra that I cut, sanded, dremeled, and weathered, then attached to a headband. The headpiece feathers are attached to foamies and are custom colored with floral spray; they attach to the headband as well and I wear the whole headdress like a pair of earmuffs; with the feathered bits covering my ears.

The choker is made from a foamie that I wrapped with metallic spandex, backed with felt to make it look nice, then snaps in the back. The black sleeves I made from black jersey knit I had in my stash.

The "flower petal" sleeves are each five panels and close via invisible zippers in the wrist. They are made from white peachskin fabric, fully lined, with each layer interfaced to keep the petal parts sticking up and looking nice. It took three tries and a lot of resizing, but I think they're my favorite part of this entire outfit, lol.

The bodice features pink interlock knit to cover the bust and is fully under-bust boned with a 3/4 circle skirt gathered and attached at the bottom hem. It is all fully lined and is also made of the white peachskin and has an invisible zipper closure in the back.

The inner corset which is not seen in the pictures is made from two layers of white bridal satin, 1/2'' wide steel bones, and a layer of duck cloth to make it smooth, stable, and pretty. A princess has to have good posture, doesn't she?

The leather skirt is made from individually cut pieces of foamies, one for each panel, covered in pleather, studded with leather studs, then backed with felt. They were hand layered and sewn together and snap closed in the back. The black apron skirt thing is made from black casa satin.

The leather skirt is supported via a small 3-hoop hoopskirt that I made using steel hoop bones, ribbon, and black quilt binding. It has an elastic waistband for easy on/off. I patterned and sized it all from scratch.

The hip wings are made from screen door mesh which was cut, darted, and shaped until it had the general shape of the wings. I added a wire border around the edges of the mesh base, covered the entire base with felt, then covered all of that in the feathers. The feathers were then custom colored with floral spray. The wings attach to me via a wire belt that slips into two little pockets that I put inside the wings.

The thigh armor I had originally made from foam and resin. As nice as it looked, once I put it on for a test run, I soon found out I couldn't move or walk while wearing it, but more than that: It was uncomfortable! So after all that work, I scrapped my original armor and started completely over.

This time, I took foamies, wrapped metallic spandex around them, then lined them in felt. The result was not only fabulously shiny and PANK, but it was soft, pliable, and a LOT more comfortable to wear. The back of the thigh plates is made from a pleather wrapped foamie that I appliqued black casa satin to for the zig zaggy designs. They all snap together at the top and bottom.

The knee wings are peltex with wire so that they are slightly poseable and have some stability. I covered it in the feathers and some marabou trim and again custom colored them with floral spray. They snap onto the shin guards.

The shin guards are peltex covered in a pale lilac metallic spandex, featuring snap closures in the back at the ankle. The shoe armor was patterned out using paper first, then cut out of foamies and made using the metallic spandex. The boots I had bought turned out to be too tall, so I ended up having to cut them down and hand-hem them to size so they would layer better with the shin guards.

The staff head crystal is made from clear plastic that I painted with glass paint. The next piece under that is made from candy funnels that I dremeled and detailed with aquarium tubing and pieces of sintra that I cut and sanded. The moon is made from sintra that I cut and sanded and the bottom decoration I made from Fimo and sanded to make it look nice. Evaunit01berserk spent Thursday and Friday of the con helping me rig and hook up the light that's inside the crystal. I COULDN'T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU.

There are still things I want to go back and tweak and improve, but overall I'm pretty happy with how she came out!
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Wig Brand
New Look
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Styling Time
7 hours
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