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Sailor Moon
Sailor Venus
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Legendary Sword of the Silver Crystal
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Anime Expo 2010
FanimeCon 2010
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About this Prop
Construction Details:
In what has been quite a feat for me, I've constructed a sword from start to finish (including drying times) in six days. This is for the Sailor Moon group I'll be with at Fanime 2010. Materials used: paint (spray & acrylic), colored crystals, hot glue, other sorts of glue, mod podge, model magic, gold jewelry wire.
Personal Thoughts:
For those not familiar, this sword (http://www.deviantart.com/users/outgoing?http://www.wikimoon.org/index.php?title=Holy_Blade) is wielded in the manga and the live action versions of Sailor Moon -- it did not appear in the anime. :sniff: It was he sword of the Moon Kingdom used by the Guardian Senshi to protect the Princess. It remained on the Moon after the destruction of the Silver Millennium, embedded in the floor of the Prayer Room inside the Moon Castle. It used by Usagi to kill evil!Tuxedo Mask and then herself -- I get confused if that was past life or current life, it's been a while, OKAY? It re-appears during the modern-era of the series to be wielded by Sailor Venus to destroy Queen Beryl. (Not-so-coincidentally, I will be cosplaying as Venus.) Descriptions in the manga say that the weapon was made of stone but was capable of shattering diamond. Hell yeah. Bad ass sailor weaponry. I really wanted to keep with the made-of-stone concept, so instead of silver, I used a granite spray paint and a crap-ton of hand-antiquing to get the sword blade and hilt looking the way they do. I've taken a couple of minor liberties with the sword design, mostly inspired by OpalLynn's gorgeous Sailor Venus greco-roman redesign here: http://opallynn.deviantart.com/art/Sailor-Venus-Redesign-117522934
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