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Cosplayer Sailor Anime > Costume of Zidane Tribal (Final Fantasy IX)

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Final Fantasy IX
Zidane Tribal
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Best in Show at Geek.kon '10
Costume worn at:
Anime Iowa 2011
Geek.Kon 2010
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
CONSTRUCTION BREAK-DOWN!!: Wig - The wig was originally from Cosworx. (THANK YOU, GIFT CERTIFICATE~) I cut the "bangs" into it and styled the ponytail. Overall, not too difficult. Undershirt - Basic white undershirt made out of a high performance knit remnant that I had. A simple zig-zag stitch holds the shirt together. Vest - Made out of wendover cotton (left over from GenericShonenMC's Setsuna jacket) for the base, a linen-look solid for the lining, a poplin for the white collar, polyester biased tape for the trim, and polyester lace and ribbon for the cravat. All the trims, laces, and the hook-and-eyes (10 of them total) were hand sewn. I used a blind stitch on the biased tape as well as on the lace. The harness - Made out of vinyl for the base, cotton twill for the lining, leather cording for the cording (herpderp), polyester biased-tape for the trim, 27 eyelets and 1 big silver buckle (that is quite shiny :3 ). Like the vest, the harness is all hand sewn with a blind stitch. Each eyelet was also hammered in by hand (as if there is any other way to do it. >.> ). Gloves/cuffs - Since they were sewn together, I'll cover them together. :D The gloves were made out of a spandex-y material (sorry, I'm not sure of the exact contents or name) using a Simplicity pattern. The cuffs were made out of woven suede, polyester lace, and these really pretty buttons that I just adore! The cuffs stay in place since I lightly stitched them onto the tops of the gloves. Belt - Made out of vinyl as it's base, biased tape as its edging, and craft foam as the details. All the biased tape was (again) hand sewn on. Tail - SECOND TIME DOIN' A TAIL, FIRST TIME DOIN' IT (somewhat) RIGHT! Instead of just making a plush tail filled with poly-fluff, I used an insulation foam tube as the core and ran a thin gauge wire through it for support. I then wrapped the foam tube in the fur. The entire tail is attached to a harness that fits into the pants. Pants - LOL PANTS!! Okay, so this was the hardest part for me. The pants are made out of woven suede, cotton lining (in a snazzy floral print), biased tape, interfacing, and boning. I had to draft this from scratch and then redraft it in order to get the right look. Boning is sewn into the seams to help the sides keep their shape, while interfacing is located in most of the crotch area (again, for support). Sheath - Made out of vinyl for the outside, cotton for the lining, biased tape for the edging, and model magic for the magical tumor on the outside of the sheath. ....seriously, wtf is that?! Boots - Probably the part I am least happy with. But it was my second time doing boot covers and my first time trying to make boots seem larger than they are, so overall I'd call it a success. ^^ Made out of the spandex-y stuff the gloves are made out of, cotton interlock, and a quilt-backing cotton. Mythril Dagger and Orichalcum - Both of my daggers had their bases cut out by That_Guy so THANK YOU! The Mythril Dagger was made out of maple for the handle, plywood for the blade, model magic for the serpents, craft foam for the design on the blade, and hot glue for all the raised designs on the hilt and blade. The Orichalcum was made out of maple for the handle, balsa wood for the blade, and craft foam and random plumbing parts for all the random crap on his dagger (WHO DOES THAT?!).
Personal Thoughts:
I'm so happy and so proud of this costume. ;w; I worked really hard: proportioning it, drafting things, re-drafting things, figuring out stuff that I had no idea how to do, tuning skills I already had, re-trying techniques that had failed me previously, etc. And I don't think I could be happier with my results!
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