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Cosplayer Shii Arisugawa > Costume of Francesca Lucchini (Strike Witches)

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Strike Witches
Francesca Lucchini
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Costume worn at:
Anime LA 2014
AniMegaCon 2012
This Costume has been retired
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
(old description, I wanna keep this here for my reference) I lightly modified a McCall's pattern for this, for the most part it was pretty simple! Except figuring out how to do the collar, and the front part of the shirt where it buttons down. SO MUCH SEAM RIPPING AND HAND SEWING SNAPS just to get it the exact way I wanted. lol ^^; The sleeve details are top stitched, the pockets are fully functional, and I made the bow which is painted with acrylic paint/fabric medium to match. I patterned the shimapan myself, the fabric was a lucky find in LA's Fashion District, and the hair ties are made out of an unknown fabric from my scrap bin.

I used the same pattern, McCall's 6076 and took apart my old top to contruct the new one, so it's 100% remade with nothing reused (not even the snaps or buttons). I completely screwed up some of the seam lines and it was shoddily constructed the first time around, so I was determined to get it right this time!! I used a stretch sateen in my fabric stash, cut on the bias, and I had just enough lining for all the pattern pieces. I used this tutorial for the center front and back side seams, as I wanted clean and crisp seam lines without having to do any top stitching. I made a stencil for the sleeve emblems, using scraps of black twill and 4 coats of gold metallic paint, as I wanted it to be bold and noticable. I fray checked the edges, then used a few dabs of glue stick to keep the emblems in place while I satin stitched them onto the sleeves. The pockets took forever to do because I insisted on slip stitching the sides after seeing it in a tailoring book I purchased, I wanted to keep with the 'no top stitching' theme. ;p The pocket flaps are lined, with a layer of interfacing to help keep their shape (helped a lot when I had to turn them right side out!), and a velcro closure as I didn't want to fuss with doing buttonholes or snaps. I slip stitched the collar on, and I swear to god it took me like 10 mock ups before I was finally satisfied with the collar shape, sheesh. The sleeves were saved for last, and it took me what seemed like a few hours to attach both, as I was constantly making adjustments so it didn't pucker. I always hate sewing in sleeves, but this made me more confident in doing so for future projects, so it's a start. lol
Personal Thoughts:
A good friend from /m/ suggested this to me, and said he'd make my Strike Units, so there ya go. TADA NO PANTS COSPLAY BECAUSE FUCK PANTS. I think he secretly knew that I already owned the shimapan and the cat ears... I'm also the shortest person I know. >___>;; I found out I'll have to sew the cat ears into the wig the next time I wear this (and as I result, I didn't wear the tail), oh well lesson learned! I've decided to remake this as of August 2013, on a mission to update my current costume roster so I'm 100% happy with them!! I just realized I originally made this back in 2010, and wow what a huge difference 3 years makes!

I know it's not an award or anything, but I'm featured on J-List which I think is pretty darn cool! You should totally buy a shimapan shirt, btw ;3
Wig Details
Wig Brand
Fantasy Sheep
Wig Name
Vocaoid Zatsune Miku
Styling Time
1-2 hours
Wig Quality Rating
2 / 5.00
Styling Notes
I don't remember the original length of the ponytail clips, but I do remember chopping off at least 12"!
Wig Review
I bought this wig 2 years ago for this costume, and unfortunately the base wig didn't match the ponytail clips (soft black and jet black, respectively). I ended up using the base wig for Kira Daidohji instead, but luckily Arda Wig's Jet Black color matched my ponytail clips almost exactly. SO THANK YOU ARDA!! Edit: Okay, now that I've actually worn the pigtails at a con, I can say the quality is fucking terrible. IT TANGLES LIKE THE DEVIL. I would not recommend this wig to anyone, I'm not sure how FantasySheep's other ponytail clip wigs compare as I'm not willing to find out.
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