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Cosplayer Shikarius > Costume of UK / England / Arthur Kirkland (Axis Powers Hetalia)

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Axis Powers Hetalia
UK / England / Arthur Kirkland
Special Variation:
Revolutionary War
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
Um... Ow?

The original was made in 2 days back in 2009. Owowowow. Early in 2010, I decided that was a horrible mistake and I should remake the costume properly. What to do with the old costume? Well...

I took a cue from the first few panels of the RevWar strip- England is pretty beat-up (look for the magically disappearing arm bandage! FAIRY MAGIC) and I figured he had just fought a darn war, if his uniform was intact then there's something wrong. I had a blast tossing mud clods at it (got my entire dorm hallway in on it), rubbing the knees and cuff areas with grass and rocks to wear them in, fraying the edging, applying the occassional musket burn, and tearing open bits for "cut" marks.
I made a grave mistake with the head bandage... By its placement, doesn't it look like his eyebrow got ripped off? D:

ANYWAY. Er... Finally, there's "Murphy" the toy soldier. Remember the set of handmade soldiers England gives young America (and adult America finds in the storage room early in the episode)? I wanted to be a sentimental twit. Thus, Murphy was born.
He's made of airdry-clay in 3 piece held together by craft needles embedded into each segment. The name came from one too many nights reading The Sandman...
Personal Thoughts:
Why so angstyyyyyyy!? I admit it, I enjoyed all the Americas I ran into going "AASKFLHSG I'M SO SORRY!"
I lol'd.
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