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Cosplayer Envel > Costume of Nina (Breath of Fire 2)

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Breath of Fire 2
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Construction Difficulty:
Very Difficult
Best Accuracy at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2009
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Anime Weekend Atlanta 2009
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
Holy crap. For real. This was one of those costumes I always admired on other cosplayers but if you'd told me when I first saw Amethyst Angel's Nina in person that I'd be making my own in a couple years I would've laughed at you. I never thought I'd ever finish something this massive and complicated, but I'm so glad that I did, I'm really happy with the overall presentation of this outfit.

To everyone who helped me or cheered me on during the production of this costume for the debut, thank you so much! Samuchan, thank you for constantly nagging me for progress photos, I never would have finished this on time if you hadn't. London2191, thank you for staying up all night with me Friday night at the con to finish some of the hand stitched detailing for the contest, and thank you Emily for bringing your sewing machine. XP Yay for attaching trim at the last minute! And thank you everybody who was in my room until 2-3 AM Friday at the con cheering me on and telling me I'm awesome so I would stay up late enough to finish the jewels on the corset.

Wow, where to start. The wings are what I was asked about most often. The wings I made normally with some pvc pipe for the structure and some peltex (heavy weight interfacing) for the body. I feathered the wings as per normal, so what I had at first was just a plain set of white angel wings. When the wings were completed, I mixed up three separate batches of Sharpie dye in pink, purple, and a pinkish purple mix. I sprayed the wings so that they were a gradient from pink to dark cherry purple, and once they were dry I mixed the dyes together to make the gradient a bit more flowy. The wings attach to the me via a super special awesome underbust steel boned corset of DOOM that I wear underneath all of the layers of clothing. Yay flag pole mount.

All of the gold designs on the dress and corset were done with a combination of metallic spadex covered plastic, foamies, and piping. The gold "leaves" that go around the entirety of the circumference of the skirt were each cut from styrene individually, wrapped invidually, then painstakingly (LULZ) sewn together by hand, then hand sewn to the dress after the whole... Leafy monstrosity was completed.

The under mint colored dress is made from Casa satin and features front darts with back lacing and a mandarin-like collar, the purple underbust corset is a fully steel boned corset made from purple and white asanti faille, and the corset skirt is made from a combination of peltex and a lot of stitchy pleating. Thank you, Resuka for your advice on how to do the zigzaggy corset skirt, it really helped me out!

The armor is made from a Christmas ball that I had to get my dad to saw in half for me. I sanded all the glittery stuff off and Gesso'd, primed, and painted the orbs, and the rest of the shoulder armor is made from styrene and foamies, the pattern for which I figured out with some poster board and a lot of taping, cutting, retaping, and cutting. The jewels on the front of the shoulder plates were resin cast using a simple paint tray and polyester casting resin. Thank you Amethyst Angel for letting me oggle your armor up close at Detour two years ago, mine goes together really similarly to yours! : )

The prisms that are hanging off of my zigzaggy skirt were bought on eBay from a chandelier liquidator (har har), for everyone who asked me at the con where I found them their eBay ID is chandelierliquidators (HAR HAR). Don't confuse them for the sellers that are imitating, if there are numbers in the user ID, it's not them! O:

Anyway, there are still bits of this outfit I want to touch up, an I want to fix some layering issues with the corset skirt and all the crap that dangles off of it, but overall I'm really happy with how this outfit came out, I put a lot of work into it, and I feel like it really shows!
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