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Persona 2
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Hahahahahahha, where to begin? Bodysuit: 50 pattern pieces in total, and still not completely accurate since the spacing in the ribs are much tigher, but I wasn't about to put myself through more suffering than I needed. All made out of wet look spandex, and done so I could have the center seam removed as well as side seamless. Oh cosplay. Wings: My first pair! I shat myself over how the HELL I was going to do these. I don't make props. In fact, if I even try, I just end up messing it all up. But for once, thanks to the tutorials out there on the internet, I don't think I completely messed up. I'm actually pretty proud of them for being my first. Will I make more wings? No. No I won't. Floof: Top was made so the harness could hide underneath the white top but over the bodysuit since I spent so much energy on that damn bodysuit that I wasn't about to put a hole in it for wings that I wasn't even sure was going to work. The hood, ohoho, drafted that one myself, two layers: one giant for the oomph-factor and a tiny one to fit over my face to hide my balaclava. Stuffed it with polyfill, sewed it up, put snaps in since I couldn't sew it directly on and called it a day. Very poofy. The wrist and ankle and pom poms were sewn by hand as opposed to the rest of the white. Gloves: I made them. I bought other gloves to use and hated them, so I decided to torture myself by making pleather gloves. Ohoh, that was a brilliant idea. Mask: Like I said previously, I'm worthless when it comes to props, but I'm not too worthless and sculpting stuff. Took some Crayola air-dry clay (same shit as Paperclay for half the price and double the product, make note, kids!) and sculpted over a regular plastic mask from Michael's to hide all of the facial features since my favorite little Cupid doesn't have a nose or tiny lips and eyeholes with a giant seam down the middle. Oh Eros, you slut. So after that, my fiance stepped in to mold it out of fiberglass since I didn't want to mess it up by doing it myself. He bondo'd it and smoothed it out and then as a joint venture (more like him doing the first eyepiece and me finishing) did the eyeglasses and lips out of epoxy clay. He sanded it cause he's good at that sort of thing and who am I to take away what he likes to do...tirelessly handsand concrete-like epoxy clay. We suffer. He drilled holes in the glasses so I can kinda...sorta...kinda (?) see out of them. Hearts and Weapon: All made by my darling buttface fatty fiance out of foam, magic, and love. Don't ask me how he did it but I know it involved foam, a lot of handsanding, and creative ingenuity. Or something.
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