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Cosplayer Ellome > Costume of UK / England / Arthur Kirkland (Axis Powers Hetalia)

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Axis Powers Hetalia
UK / England / Arthur Kirkland
Special Variation:
US Revolutionary War uniform
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Very Difficult
Wig styled by
2nd place performance NDK 2009
Costume worn at:
FanimeCon 2010
Nan Desu Kan 2009
Otakon 2010
Permanent Link:
About this Costume
Construction Details:

Fffffft. I've wanted to do this costume for a really long time. I'd talked about it with Saravana and then with Teca.. so we ended up delaying our original NDK masq costume plans and it seemed like a perfect time to finally do this set.

THIS COSTUME. Is a lot more difficult than it may look. There were SO many roadblocks (the company the interior wool was ordered from screwed up, button deficits/mistakes, I missed my flight to NDK, needed more trim, I was moving during the month before NDK, etcetc) that just. I don't know how I accomplished this. And the truth is, I didn't. A week after that con I'd already took apart the coat to put in better facings as what was used was a stand-in, I'm handsewing all the trim on, adding more buttons... etc. -- & now after the facings have been replaced, I want to either replace or flatline the lapels/collar & tack down the rest of the trim better. I SWEAR THIS COSTUME WILL NEVER BE UP TO PAR aaaah.

Now that I'm done complaining, most patterns/most fabrics are historically accurate, although we chose bleached instead of unbleached muslin because of the white pants/vests/UK's lining. The pants are linen and BOY ARE THEY CRAZY. I can understand why they're tailored like they are (tight in the legs, loose behind - so the fabric tightens in the seat as you sit instead of pulling up the fabric on the legs) but golly, how unattractive in the back XD These took a whole weekend, more or less, to make, and are just. I don't even.

The vest is a white-on-white Joann upholstery brocade with working pockets~

The shirt was a commercial pattern (I forget which, sorry!) which was really similar to the historical shirt pattern: the only exception being the lack of gusset at the underarm. It was constructed from muslin and every visible stitch is handsewn - even the hem! :D

The coat is melton wool for the red/white, and bleached muslin for the lining. I modified the pattern slightly to account for UK's extra flaps in the front. All the buttons are I think pewter? from Joann's (chosen by Teca! I love them!) and the black parts are moleskin - they should be velvet to be historically accurate, so I may redo these too...
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