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Cosplayer NiGHTmaren > Costume of Hikaru Shidou (Magic Knight Rayearth)

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Magic Knight Rayearth
Hikaru Shidou
Special Variation:
Artbook - Caped Goddess
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Costume worn at:
Anime Weekend Atlanta 2009
New York Anime Festival 2009
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
Completed September 2009 Hikaru was always my favorite CLAMP character, and I always wanted to do one of her outfits from the artbook. I finally settled on her caped outfit from the artbooks, and also decided to have my boyfriend cosplay as Lantis for me since I love that pairing so much, and he's a fan of Lantis. It only made sense.

The pink skirt is two layers, a total of 6 yards (3 yards per skirt layer). I used Casa crepe and patterned out the skirt myself out of three panels per layer, the seams are finished with serger and they are gathered onto a waistband. To support the skirt is an 80 yard layer, super ruffly pink petticoat.

The red overdress is made out of Casa satin and was also custom-patterned, the skirt portion is approximately three yards around, gathered, with a satin bias trim and fully lined. I paid attention to only have the bias showing on the topside, as in the art. It is sewn onto a waistband that also is attached to the front upper dress panel - the waistband snaps in the front. The front upper dress panel is appliqued with gold satin fabric, and satin stitched around the perimeter. I cast my own resin gems for the dress out of Clear Cast Resin. There is interfacing both on the lining and the front panel to make the top extra stiff and supportive, since there are no shoulder straps to hold it up, but it seems to do pretty well on its own.

The gauntlets and belt are both made out of thick leather hide, completely finished and tooled and painted with Angelus leather paints. The gold trim and emblems are embossed onto the leather. I also casted the gems for these accessories. I used heavy-duty industrial snaps as closures for these pieces, they are hammered into the leather and can handle a lot of stress. The armbands have grommets hammered into them and lace up.

Cape is made out of pink bridal satin and lined in pink peachskin fabric, and is roughly 6 feet long. Like all other pieces I had to custom-pattern the cape, since I had to achieve a specific look with with the attaching pieces of the cape. The front pieces are gathered and snap onto the upper front dress panel, two snaps per side.

Wig was styled with a shoulder length, layered dark pink Cyperous wig, and purchased 48" wefts from Cosworx in matching color to make the separate piece for the braid, which was then attached to the base wig. I made a hand-beaded piece for the braid holder at the bottom.

Armband was made out of metallic stretch fabric, and for some extra flair, I made bands out of stretch illusion jewelry thread and beaded them with bright red beads to go over the armband. I also made the hair braid accessory using this method.

The circlet is made out of wide 12-gauge beading wire, and I attached resin cast gems to it. They are backed with craft foam for comfort.

The boots are modded, I used leather for the flaps and I added the red stretch metallic fabric for the bands on them. I cast the gems for the boot toppers, as well.

The stockings and the undershirts are both made out of stretch knit, I used my serger to make these pieces and set it to allow the knit to stretch. This was the easiest part of the costume, both making the patterns and the sewing part were easy.
Personal Thoughts:
Jolly Rancher bling and a fierce pink wig. What more can I ask for? :D Ok, a smaller petticoat the next time I wear this is in order, lol.
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