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Cosplayer Crystalike > Costume of Neku Sakuraba (The World Ends With You)

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The World Ends With You
Neku Sakuraba
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
For a TWEWY group my anime club is doing. Everything was made by myself. The wig was a New Punky (the Sepia brand doesn't take to dye well at all, I forgot about that), that I had a lot of trouble dyeing to the right orange/red. Styled with Got2Be styling glue and hairspray, and was washed out and needs to be restyled for the next time I wear this. Now I know how to style pretty spiky wigs...I focused a lot on the front spikes to get them right, and I think I did! although they're too thin...T__T The necklace is made of model magic clay and a shoestring, and gessoed and glossed. The headphones are made of altoid cans covered in model magic, sanded flat, painted, and hotglued to a hairband covered in painted model magic. Altoid cans are perfect for headphones...XD People kept asking me where I bought them....<3 the collar has no interfacing, merely a rectangular shape of this thick jean-like fabric, so it can stay up, but also look baggy and feel soft at the same time. the wristband was a foam cup from Michaels. Shoecovers made with foamboard stapled together taped with artist tape and electrical tape to the front half of clownshoes for the right shape. Fabric was then glued on and bias tape added with glue. I have to redo them because they're messy up close...but they lasted through a whole convention, so I guess I did something right! XD The shirt took a while to pattern, it's made of this dark blue knit I had lying around, and the middle blue stripe is left over fabric from my Riku pants. That blue strip doesn't photograph well, it's actually a blue/purple in person but on camera it just looks...blue. o__<;;; yellow stripes done with ribbon and fabric glue, super easy. White shorts are a size 14 cargo pants I bought from eBay and altered shorter, with added pockets from the leftover material on the sides with fabric glue, strips of blue fabric, and yellow buttons. This costume is pretty comfy (have to fix up the shoecovers so they don't dig into my feet), and restyle the wig, and I'm pretty happy with the overall appearance. I can't wait for my full TWEWY group!
Personal Thoughts:
I need to fix up the shoecovers. They're total COMPLETE SHIT. Each time I wear this the wig is also a pain. Must restyle that.
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